BAKRI- Musical

Written by Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, in 'Loknatya Shailee' Bakri is a timeless political satire.It is the story of three cunning hoodlums who want to come into power and authority. They do this by conning people into believing that a goat owned by a poor villager belongs to Mahatma Gandhi and that it has magical powers. A musical play, with Nautanki Style is the strong feature of this play.

The music and vocal songs have been set under the guidance to Swatantra Theater by Nautanki Stalwart Shri. Ram Dayal Sharma. The Gramin Maithil and Awadhi songs under the guidance of Snehalata Choudhary

An Award Winning Hindi Play   “MUJHE AMRITA CHAHIYE”.

Dhanashree Heblikar Received Best Actor award from Govt. of Maharashtra in Rajya Natya 2018, Amrita is story of every duaghter, sister and to be mother, residing at our home. This play presents story of a shy and sensitive girl who lives with her colourful yet unfulfilled dreams and is bound by domestic demands. Play takes us through her journey of self exploration via theatre. It draws audience to introspect and question external and internal factors that hold us from fulfilling our dreams. The play has many comic moments where it draws satirical takes on various societal habits. The play talks about unemployment, marriage system, petty ego’s in very delicate way and takes the audience to an interesting journey from the episodes of a middle class house girl Vijaya to a bold dynamic dashing girl doing a lead role as Amrita in a Theatre Group.

Written by Yogesh Tripathi, the play holds equal relevance in this hyper-connected and mobile age as well, and shows a mirror to our society which is undergoing positive changes, but very slowly.











MASHAL JALO DIYE SE Written & Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary ( Based on Delhi Rape case 2011)

AAJ KI TAZA KHABAR Written & Directed  By Abhijeet Choudhary (Based on Bihar flood Situation 2008)

DEATH OF A MAD MATHEMATICIAN  Sorty written by Sriniwas Sarangpani and Play  Constructed by Dhanashree Heblikar and Vivekanand Khatgoankar in hindi ( based on the life of Sriniwas Ramanujan)






TENALI RAMA  - Written By DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR  and  Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary

TURNING PAGES-  Written By DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR  and  Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary

HEMLET IN MY SCHOOL Written By DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR  and  Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary

AAZAB SHER KI GAZAB KAHANI Written By DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR  and  Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary








BAKRI Written By Sarweshwar Dayal Sharma





























ONLINE LIVE PLAYS - 128 Plays written and performed Online from March 2020 to July 2021



10 by 10 OF Akangsha Rangboomi



Swatantra Theatre's Selected in  Asia's Biggest International Theatre Festival of National School of Drama  " BHARAT RANG MAHOTSAV 2020 DELHI"

"When Raigad Fort Comes To Life"   is the Hindi adaptation of noted Marathi playwright Vasant Kanetkar's  superhit historic  Marathi play "Raigadala Jevha Jaag Yete" The play has been translated in hindi by Vasant Dev.  . The play explores the rarely talked about relationship between Shivaji Maharaj and his son Sambhaji. 

Why did ministers in Shivaji's cabinet not hold Sambhaji in high regard? The play beautifully portrays a father's attempts to woo his son back while also depicting the travails of a son burdened with a huge legacy to uphold.


Sr No.Name of play Writer of play Descrption of play    Year 

1 A JOURNEY OF LOUGHANTON CHEKOV Play based on short stories of famous russian writer
Anton Chekov . 2007

2Court Martial Swadesh Deepak Sahitya acadmey Award winning play , based on caste
system and fedual mindest of society, 2008

3Andha yugDharmveer Bharti A masterpiece amongst Hindi Plays, Andha yug is play
based on Mahabharta .2008

4Aaj ki Taza khabar Swatanra theatrePlay Based on Bihar Floods2008

5Zindagi ke Rang Ankton Chekov Play based on short stories of famous russian writer
Anton Chekov . 2008

6Gagan Damama BajyoPiyush MishraMusical Play based on Life of Shaheed Bhagat Singh 2008

7The ChallengeEnglish play with NDA cadetes 2008

8Hath badhao abhiyaan Swatantra theatre Street play on the crises and awarness of Swine flu.
More than 100 shows for awarness of the Swine flu in and
around Pune.2008

9Save your CitySwatantra theatre Street play on saving your city 2008

10Save your Country Swatantra theatre Street play on saving your country 2008

11Save Tiger Swatantra theatre street play on Awarness for saving Tiger 2008

12Dhool mein lipta sach Dario fothe farsical under the name of  Death on an anarchist by Dario-fo. Translated to hindi by Amitabh Shirvastav .2009

13Andho ka Hathi Saharad JoshiPolitical sataire 2009

14Zamna badal gaya Abhijeet Choudhary  Comedy play on Homsexual Realationship of hwo
a guy falls in love for his sister's fiance . The play was performed on the then Juddgement of Delhi high court for LGBT coomunity. 2009

15Parivaar Akhada Krishna Baldev Vaid A fmily drama on interpersonal relationship of family
members. 2009

16Muavze Bhisma Sahani Musical Black Comedy on lives of people who are waiting for riot to happen so that they can get muavze . 2009

17Dayashankar Ki dayari Nadira BabbarSolo play about ambitions of a man who came to mumbai to be an actor but ended doing odd jobs,

18Hemlet in my school Dhanashree HeblikarAdaptation of Shakespere's Hemlet for school children2010

19Mission against piracy Abhijeet & DhanshreeStreet play with more tan 500 shows for anti piracy
moment all over Maharashtra 2010

20Ajab sher ki Gajab kahaniAbhijeet & Dhanshree2011

21Ji Jaisi Apki MarziNadira BabbarThe pla has four solo women storeis showing problems
faced by them in todays society , may it be a girl, an adult lady, a married woemn or a wdow  . 2011

22Dimag ka DahiAbhijeet & DhanshreeComedy play 2011

23Am I the PaaEnglish play For NDA cadetes 2011

Swtantra theatre JAGRUTI ABHIYAN Directorate of Census Operations,
Govt.of Maharashtra, Mumbai for performing a
street play creating awareness of census. More than 100 shows in Maharashtra2011

25Mashal jalao diye se Abhijeet Choudhary  The play was inspired by Nirbhaya rape case and was invited in  FTII Main theatre also Performed at Lokmat Women Summit 2013 2012

26 YOTA award to Devesh Chobe (Actor) An Award given by Swatantra theatre to recognize
artist in India2012

27Film : Pune TC Swtantra theatre 2012

28Fim : GODSE TO GANDHI Swatantra theatre 2012

30 Qudrat Hindi Poem recitation by actor Pankaj
Jha poems on nature and its beauty 2012

31Cheaper by a dozen novel written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth CareyAdapted by Dhanashree Heblikar
Orginally adapted from novel written  by Ernestine
Gilbreth Carey2013

32Mujhe jeene do Swatantra theatre street play based on human trafficing supported   

33Zara soch ke dekhiye
Swatantra theatre street play What if we could recycle all the small things?2013

34Daru peeke road peySwatantra theatreStreet play on awarness of Drunken Drivving 2013

35Baba ka DahabaSwatantra theatreStreet Play on blind faith and exploitations by
Babas of society 2013

36Mein Amitabh Bacchan
Banna Chahta hoon- The 'B' dream Swatantra theatreStreet play on life and expereicnes of over amitious man 2013

37The Mumabi express Swatantra theatreStreet Play based on actors life about how
everyone wants to catch mumbai train and be successful 2013

38Love Shuv breakup / suicide Swatantra theatreStreet play based on relationship issues
and how youth take Breakup very seriously endeing up doing suicie 2013

39Live in relationshis Swatantra theatre Street play on live relatiionships and problmes faced by these couples  2013

40Crazycket Swatantra theatrePlay based on Indians love towords cricket..2013

41Daakghar Ravindranath Thakur Invited at Film &Television of India in 2014 2014

42kabuliwala Story of Ravindranath Tagore and Adapted Swatantra
 theatrePlay about how a kabooliwala makes
 a very beautiful relation with 6 year old child
and becoming his best friend 2014

43Home coming Story of Ravindranath Tagore and Adapted Swatantra

44Exercise book Story of Ravindranath Tagore and Adapted Swatantra
 theatrestory  where in Ravindra nath thakoor explains
 importance of studies in a small girl,s life . 2014

45My lord My BabyStory of Ravindranath Tagore and Adapted Swatantra

46Comman Sadness (Stage-Video Exhibition)Design by Abhijeet Choudhary (International Project)Showroom MAMA (1997) which is a platform for visual culture on the cutting edge of visual arts and popular culture based in Netherlands approcahed Swatantra to partner with them for a visual exhibition on Mental Illness. Along with the props that were assigned to us Mental illness was addressed very artistically through the video. Shot at the FTII (Main Theatre) under the Direction of Abhijeet Choudhary and Perfomed by Swatantra Actors Dhanashree Heblikar, Durgeshwari Sharma Prithvi Sancheti,Shoham Gadkari and More. MAMA presents ‘Common Sadness’, a film written by the artists’ collective beyoncé (NL) and performed by Swatantra Theatre (INDIA) Exbhition From started from 2015 Premiere it on during Covid -19- 2014

47My lord My BabyStory of Ravindranath Tagore and Adapted Dhanashree Heblikar2014

48Komal GandharDr. Shankar Shesh Story of Gandhari unwiling marriage to
 Dhritrashta that takes on though provoking
journey of what was real reason for Mahabhrata's battle, Invited at Film &Television of India in 2014  2014

49Gharonda Dr. Shankar Shesh Story of a ccouple's  endless desires and human nature
along with strugles to buy a house for themselves 2014

50Zimmedari suraksha kiswatantra theatre2014

51100 ml zindagi swatantra theatrestreet play for spreading awarness on
blood donation and importance of saving lives 2014

52Iss natak ka koi naam nahin swatantra theatrestreet play showing situation and mentality of
youth to that of youth like shaeed veer bhagat singh, sukhdev, raajguru. The play was selected to perform4 th   INDIAN STUDENT PARLIAMENT  at MIT school of business Pune  President APJ Abdul Kalam, Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kapil Sibal are some of the few diginitaries. Media & film personalities like Ajay Devgan, Arjun Rampal, Mahesh Bhatt, Farhan Akhtar etc were also  present.2014

53Jay ho swatantra theatreThe play depicted the dream of republic
, democratic and Independent India 2014

54Hasna Bhool Gaye
-Laughter Is the Best Medicine swatantra theatreThe street play depicted importance of laughter in life
 and how everyone in their busy schdules has made
their laughter, smiles and happiness so difficult
for themselves !2014

55Soch ke dekho swatantra theatrestreet play was done in assosiation with Pune Railway 2014

56Malgudi days R. K Nararayan Adapted by Dhanashree HeblikarPlay was made with from stories written by R.K. Naryan 2015

57Chubule- Bulbule :
The blue Umbrella Ruskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

58Chubule- Bulbule :
The parrot who wouldn’t talk  Ruskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

59Dadaji's many Faces Ruskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

60Bus Stops at Pipal nagar Ruskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

61The boy who broke the bankRuskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

62Here come Mr. Oliver Ruskin Bond Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikarplay was made by adapting stories of Ruskin bond2015

63Ishak pecchaAbhijeet Choudharyone of the most famous play of Shakespeare was adapted in Hindi in musical (Nautanki Form)2015

64Garja Maharashtra  Dhanashree HeblikarStreet play on cultural Identity of Maharashtra 2015

65Jis Lahore
 nai dekhya o jamya naiAsghar Wajahat Hindi- Urdu-Punjabi play on Pain of partition, depiecting how humanity is the biggest region 2016

66Taj mahal ka tenderAjay Shukla Black comedy on beaurocractic system of the nation. The play in a vry satiarical manner depicts that how its takes 25 years to Issue only Tender of Taj Mahal : dream of Mughal emporer Shah Jahan.  The play has been invited at many festivals and was awared as BEST ACTOR ASHWIN SHARMA and one of the Best play in State level Drama competition, Maharashtra(2018-2019).  2016

67Nautanki Swatantra theatreMusical play was on rajasthani Folk Tales Andher nagri and Kauna nai 2016

68Maansarovar : Id Gaah Adapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story of Great indian writer prem chand2016

69Maansarovar : Mata ka hriday Adapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story of Great indian writer Premchand2016

70Maansarovar :
Panch Parmeshwar Adapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story of Great Indian writer Premchand2016

71Maansarovar : thakoor ka kuwaAdapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story ofgreat Indian writer Premchand2016

72Maansarovar : Sawa Ser Gehu Adapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story ofgreat Indian writer Premchand2016

73Maansorvar : Boodhi Kaki Adapted by Abhijeet and Dhanashree Play was made from the story ofgreat Indian writer Premchand2016

74Jhalkiyaan : Toba tek Singh Sadat Hasan Manto This is the format designed by Swatantra theatre wherein a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on the stage. 2017

75Jhalkiyaan : Mlabe ka malik Mohan Rakesh This is the format designed by Swatantra theatre wherein a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on the stage. 2017

76Jhalkiyaan : Namak Rajiya Sajjad JahirThis is the format designed by Swatantra theatre wherein a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on the stage. 2017

77Jaab Shaher Humara Sota hai Piyush Mishra Musical play by Piyush Mishra is love story with a communal backdrop with it. 2017

78Tenali Rama Swatantra theatre Play on life and stories of Tenali Rama 2017

79Akbaar Ke birbal Swatantra theatre Play based on life and querky stories of Akbar and Birbal 2017

80Jhaalkiyaan : Buu Amrita pritam This is the format designed by Swatantra theatre where in a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on stage 2018

81Jhalkiyaan : Ek jivi, Ek rantni Ek sapna Amrita pritam This is the format designed by Swatantra theatre where in a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on stage 2018

82Jhalkiyaan : Jungli Booti Amrita pritam This is the format designed by Swatantra theatre where in a story is read and some scenes of the same are enacted on stage 2018

83Sant Tukaraam Dhanashree HeblikarThe play was made in hindi  on the life of Maharthi Sage Sant Tukaram  who taught Humanity to people  2018

84Bikhre Moti : Amrai Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

85Bikhre Moti : Machuve ke Beti Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

86Bikhre moti : Do sakhiyaan Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

87Bikhre Moti : kAdambh ke phool Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

88Bikhre Moti : papi pet Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

89Bikhre moti : Gramina Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

90Bikhre Moti : Hingwala Adapted by Swatantra theatre the Play is based on stories of Subhadra Kumari Chavan 2018

91Death of  a mad Mathemetician Shrinivas Sarangpani in English Translated in Hindi Dhanashree Heblikar & Vivekanand KhatGoankar Adapted by Abhijeet Choudhary the play showcases greatness and life jounery of legendary mathemetician Ramanujan 2017

92kabira khada bazar mein Bhishma Sahani the musical play showcases kabira life and his poetry with meaning relevant in todays society. The play has won one of the best play in state level Drama compition, Maharashta . (2019-2020), and one of the best Actor too.  2017

93Mjhe Amirta Chahiye Yogesh Tripathithis I splay based on women empowerment and showcases how every women can with world with her sheer determination and fath. The play has won one of the BEST ACTOR to DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR and Supporting role RAshmi Gupta in state level Drama compition, Maharashta . (2017-2018),   2017

94Panchi ese aate hein Vijay Tendulkar The play is romaantic Family drama . The unique part of the play is the it was designed using brecth technique 2018

95Dhai Aakhar prem ke Vasant kanetkar The play is family Drama with suttle tone of comedy and romantic love story .2018

96Kuch Vyakti kuch valli :Haritatya Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

97Kuch vyakti kuch valli :Narayan Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

98Kuch vyakti kuch valli :
Bhraman mandli Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

99Kuch vyakti kuch valli :
 chitle masterAdapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

100Kuch vyakti kuch valli :
Sakharam Gatne Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

101Kuch vyakti kuch valli :
 Peston kakaAdapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

102kuch Vyakti kuch Valli : Rao Saheb Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

103Kuch vyakti Kuch valli: Dinesh  Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

104Kuch vyakti Kuch valli : baai Adapted by Swatantra theatreHindi play Based on stories of a great marathi writer PL DESHPANDE2019

105Dada Saheb - Father of indian cinerma (part 1)Swatantra theatre's Abhijeet, Dhanashree and Krushan DoshiPlay based on life story and real events of First film maker of Inda Shri DADA SAHEB PHALKE 2019

106Dada Saheb - Father of indian cinerma (part 2)Swatantra theatre's Abhijeet, Dhanashree and Krushan DoshiPlay based on life story and real events of First film maker of Inda Shri DADA SAHEB PHALKE 2019

107Khamosh Adalat jaari hai !Vijay tendulkar orginaly written in marathi play is translated in hindi by Vasant deo is mock trail court room drama which show cases patriarchy in a society .2019

108Chauthi ciggarate Yogesh Tripathi It is story of writer who gives his work to his industrialist friend and he publishes them by his own name. the writer agrees for such a deal because he wants a good life for his family ! 2019

109 Jaag Utha hai Raigar Vasant kanekar orginally written in Marathi and translated in hindi by Vasant Deo , it is a historic play showcasing realtionship  betwwen two of the greatest marathi leader Shivaji Maharaj and Sambhaji Raja. The play was Invited in 21st Bharat Rang mohotsav (2020) by National school of Drama, New Delhi. the play was also invied in Agra and was also performed on ocasion of Shivaji Jayanti at Malwalnkar Auditorium Delhi  2019

110Turning Pages : how I taught my Grandmother to ReadAdapted by Dhanashree HeblikarThe play is made on stories of Sudha Murthy 

111Turning Pages : The heart of goldAdapted by Dhanashree HeblikarThe play is made on stories of Sudha Murthy 

112Turning Pages: The real Jewel Adapted by Dhanashree HeblikarThe play is made on stories of Sudha Murthy 

113Turning Pages :Gaurumma's letter Adapted by Dhanashree HeblikarThe play is made on stories of Sudha Murthy 

114Turning Pages : Red Rice granery Adapted by Dhanashree HeblikarThe play is made on stories of Sudha Murthy 

115Bakri Sarveshwar Dayal Saxenait is a political satire ,  musical play designed in nautanki form MUSIC by RAMDAYAL SHARMA  and Snehlata Choudhary.2020

116Ujbak Raaja Teen Dakait AlkhnandanMusical play showcasing how multinational companies has affected Our national productiviy . The play is humourious expereice with serious massege . 2020

Yota awards 

Yota awards means Yuwaraj of Theatre awards . Yota awards is token of Honour from Swatantra theatre to renowned theatre artist . 

Swatantra theatre Started these awards in the year of 2012 

Sr. No.Yota Awardee Description year

1Devesh ChobeActor

2 Anirudh khutwalFaculty at Drama school mumbai,
vsiting faculty at National school of Drama Delhi, NSD,
ex Nsd alumini and theatre director 2013

3Pradeep VaidyaVetaran theatre Director from Pune and Light deigner has worked with Suneel Shaanbagh, Makran Sathe and Many other theatre directors. 2014

4Ajay joshi  Dentist and Phd in theatre is
pune well known theatre critic 2015

5vidyanidhi vanaraseAlumini of National School of Drama , director at Kalachaya natya kendra Pune, curator of IPAR and vetaran theatre Director2016

6 Sanay pawarplay write and film writer. Has written critically acclaimed films like viroodh 2017

7Sadhika Dr. Pragbha viraatJain sage but has done PhD. On Dr. Shanker Shesh and has more than 20 years of experience on stage as an actor.2018

8Ajay kumarFamous Bollywood actor who has acted in Films like Chillar part, Air lift also a Sangeet naatak acadamy awar winner, Ajay kumar is famous for his katha gayan wachan plays and his solo Bada bhaand to Bada bhand based on story of Vijay Daandetha has been staged for more than 300 times in varrious parts 0f country 2019

0ONLINE Live virtual productions : Rang e dastaan HEADED by DHANASHREE HEBLIKAR

Sr. No.Name of PlayWriter of PlayDescription of playYear

1RavipaarGulzarRaavi Paar is a story which does not follow a particular theme but touch upon different human emotions. This story has its roots in the Indian culture but expresses universal emotions that are experienced across the boundaries of regions, caste, and creed. Varied emotions of love, heartbreak, aloofness, anxiety, fear, and longing are expressed in this story. Raavi Paar tells the story of a Muslim man whose wish is to be cremated after death and not be buried. During the India-Pakistan partition, the author was mistakenly claimed as their own child by another family. Raavi Paar will touch the viewers hearts due to the simplicity and intricacy of emotions portrayed by the author. Serious, moving, funny and ironic by turns, this story is replete with the perceptions of a man who has viewed the world with equanimity and compassion. 2020

2Kali Salwar Saadat Hasan Manto Kaali Salwar is a mere peice of cloth but becomes indespensible for Sultana's first Muharram in Delhi. The sex worker isn't able to earn much in the Dilwalon ki Delhi after coming there from Ambala to make more money. 2020

3MozelSaadat Hasan Manto Mozel a Jewish woman, free spirited, intelligent, courageous and far sighted. She risks her life for Trilochan and his fiancee till she almost gave her own clothes to Kripal Kaur so that her religious identity is not revealed! Catch this breathtaking Mozel by Manto in Swatantra's Rang-E-Daastaan episode today.2020

4Khol DoSaadat Hasan Manto On the hot burning land of Mugalpura camp, Sirajuddin has opened his eyes. In the ocean of men, women, and children and under the skin-burning sun, images flashed in his mind. Images of night, death, violence, killings & Sakeena. With blood on the streets and fear in the eyes all around him, Sirajuddin has set out to search for his lost daughter Sakeena. Infinite emotions in few words, Manto writes a story that tells that, 'it was men who turned against each other, not religion.'2020

5TaqseemGulzarकुछ घटनाएं एसी होती है जो हमें दुःख पहुंचाती है और कुछ घटनाएं एसी होती है जो हमें झंझोड के रख देती है। एसी ही दिल दहला देने वाली एक घटना गुलज़ार साहब के साथ हुई जब वे बम्बई में अपने मकान में बैठे कुछ लिख रहे थे तभी उन्हें एक शक्स से ख़त मिला ये कहने के लिए की गुलज़ार तुम मेरे तक़सीम मै खोए हुए भाई हो। इस बात से गुलज़ार साहब ख़ौफज़दा हो जाते हैं । क्या ये बात सच है? क्या गुलज़ार साहब अपने भाई , परिवार से तक़सीम में बिछड़ गए थे? सच्च जानने के लिए जरूर देखिएगा, गुलज़ार साहब लिखित कहानी का नाट्यरूपांतरण - ' तक़सीम ' ।2020

6DhuaanGulzar"DHUAN" is a story written by Gulzar. It is a piece of writing that revolves around a man's desire to absolutely be one with nature after his demise. After his death , his desire of complete surrender takes a communal fold in an otherwise seculiar society, revealing the hypocratic side of the society . The story is intriguing and thought provoking showing the real side of society woven by the fabric of equality and seculiarism.2020

7Naya QanoonSaadat Hasan Manto मंगू कोचवान अपने अड्डे में बहुत अक़लमंद आदमी समझा जाता था। उस की तालीमी हैसियत सिफ़र के बराबर थी और उस ने कभी स्कूल का मुँह भी नहीं देखा था लेकिन इस के बावजूद उसे दुनिया भर  का इल्म था। अड्डे के वो तमाम कोचवान जिन को ये जानने की ख़्वाहिश होती थी कि दुनिया के अंदर क्या हो रहा है, उस्ताद मंगू की वसीअमालूमात से अच्छी तरह वाक़िफ़ थे।2020

8Mammad BhaiSaadat Hasan Manto Manto recounts his encounter with Mammad bhai, the much dreaded dada of Arab gully in the bylanes of South Bombay. His handlebar moustache is enough to send shivers down people's spines. But is his bark worse than his bite?2020

9Madhyam Vargiye KuttaGulzarMadhyam Vargiya Kutta, a story by a satirist and humorist Writer Harishankar Parsai. The cunning traits of Middle-Class family (Madhyamvargiya) is being depicted in this story. The story also shares the role of Middle-Class People in Nation Building and How their habits slow downs the wheels of the Indian society. The writer has plotted this serious issue in crisp,simple & satirical form!2020

10KhushiyanSaadat Hasan Manto बनवारी से काले तंबाकू वाला पान लेकर वो उस की दुकान के साथ उस संगीन चबूतरे पर बैठा था। जो दिन के वक़्त टायरों और मोटरों के मुख़्तलिफ़ पुर्ज़ों से भरा होता है। रात को साढे़ आठ बजे के मोटर के पुरज़े और टायर बेचने वालों की ये दुकान बंद हो जाती है। और उस का संगीन चबूतरा ख़ूशिया के लिए ख़ाली हो जाता है |2020

11Atrangi YaariSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

12Ladkhadate KadamSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

Rang e dastaan-2

Sr. No.Name of PlayWriter of PlayDescription of playYear

1Bicycle GirlSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

2Quarantine MubarakSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

3ShaadifurrSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

4Vijeta KaunSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

5MazaakSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

6KasolSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

7Prem AdharmSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

8Summer MysterySwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

9ChaviSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

10WajahSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

11Zinda FrameSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

12AshleelSwatantra TheatreSelf Written2020

Nanhe Dastaan

Sr. No.Name of PlayWriter of PlayDescription of playYear

1Mujhe School Jana HaiSwatantra TheatreAre you getting bored at home? Are your teachers piling you up with homework? Do you feel you are the only one struggling with these problems? Don't worry we are coming with such a play you can totally relate to! 'Mujhe school jana he' is a play written to show the problems children and parents are facing during online school and the fun kids used to have going to school which they are now missing. It shows how sick children are of sitting in front of one big screen for hours and hours. You can also see it through a different perspective of parents. It depicts real life scenarios we all are during this lock down. So come and join us for 'mujhe school jana he' on 23rd of june!2020

2Aisi bhi ek KahaniSwatantra TheatreNeed to attend a zoom call? Use your mobile phone! Can’t find an answer to your question? Just “okay google” it on your mobile phone! Need your child to be occupied so that you can do your work? Just give them your mobile phone! Mans dependency on mobile phones is reaching new heights causing a drift in family relationships so much so that the lord himself has to descend on earth and find out what chaos a simple mobile device is creating. Join us on a sweet journey of learning and realization with “ ऐसी भी एक कहानी”2020

3Anokhe RishteSwatantra TheatreThere are some relations that are not formed from blood but are still very close to your heart.. Some relations just dive into your heart and make a special place for themselves.. This is a similar story of two innocent kids who met in an orphanage and developed a special bond . But do relations continue to have the same essence they had in the beginning? 2020

4Corona Mein kyu Rona ?Swatantra TheatreEverywhere are the negatives of Corona Lockdown. Complaints, losses and grudges. This play will show how a fresh perspective was shown to these families who made the most of their time during Lockdown.2020

5Dar Badar DamodarO.HenryAdapted from O.Henry's story 2020

6Suffer-e-LockdownSwatantra TheatreA play reflecting the scenarios of the people who are truly affected by the Country Lockdown. Maids, Sanitisation Workers, Labourers. The Medical Practitioners, Police on duty working day in and day out and some budding entrepreneurs who have made most of this situation. Children have themselves reflected on the various incidents during the Lockdown hence, 2020

7AainaSwatantra TheatreA play hilariously reflecting Society's myths about Corona. Right from Babaji guiding to do various exercises to avoid Corona to Mohalle Ki aunty suggesting various homemade drinks. Let's see how students get through this so called knowledgeable chaos. Aaina is an amazing entertainment ride..!!2020


Sr. No.Name of StoryWriter of StoryDescription Year

1Sikander aur KauwaVijaydaan DethaA story written by Padma Shri VIJAY DAAN DETHA, a renowned poet and writer from Rajasthan who has written more than 800 stories. His characters and stories have their roots in Lok Katha but at the same time, they have a huge contemporary meaning. This story "SIKANDAR AND KAUAA" is no different. The story shows Sikandar The Great who is bedridden by life-threatening illness cured by an Indian saint who comes to his rescue. Sikander is highly influenced by the saint's wisdom and thus he realizes how precious, life is and confronts to him that he doesn't want to die. Indian sage helps him but The Great Sikandar has made up his mind to become immortal he is shown the way to the elixir only to realize the meaning of life and beauty of death by an ignorant crow. So who is mindful of the Great Emperor or the ignorant crow...?2020

2CycleSwatantra TheatreShyam and Sunil, the school going boys are intimate friends. They have common areas of interest. The vibe of friendship between them becomes stronger due to their most favourite thing, 'bicycle'. Suddenly a girl named Suman comes to their lives. Suman becomes more lovable to both of them than anything in a very short time. They both start to like her. But, this situation puts both of them into a dilemma. Now, what will they do? To know the further story, come to watch Swatantra Theatre's Safar-e-Daastaan's second story!2020

3This is Western Culture my DearSwati TiwariGlobalization made a huge impact on our economy. Our country opened itself to the world market and vice versa. This change made development and trade prosper and also influenced our livelihood. One such example of this is that of Pratima and Pranav. The couple is in a live-in relationship in the suburbs of Mumbai City. The relationship which was built on the base of freedom will hold its ground or tumble. To discover the answer Swatantra Theatre invites you to Safar-e-Dastaan's 'This is Western Culture, My Dear'2020

4KautuhalSwatantra TheatreCuriosity is the key to human evolution, but unlike others, some doors aren't meant to be opened. 'Kautuhal' is a trip down Baldev's memory lane that highlights a haunted episode experienced by him and his wife Aruna as they set out on their honeymoon! The two unravel mysteries that surpass human understanding. And finally a question for you, the reader: Do spirits exist or are they just spilled ink passed down for centuries? Let's find out!2020

5Sharma ji bairagi hainTripti Shuklaबेटे की कॉपी के पिछले पन्ने पर लिखी कच्ची उम्र के इश्क की इबारत पढ़कर शर्मा जी की आँखों में अंगारे दहक उठे थे । वहीं बीवी लवलीन उनके चेहरे की अचकचाहट अलौकिक सुख में तब्दील हो चुकी थी। खुशी तो जैसे उनके चेहरे से फूटी पड़ रही थी, 'आज ही कान्हा जी को प्रसाद चढ़ाऊँगी।' लवलीना कि ख़ुशी बढ़ती ही जा रही थी ये सोच सोच कर कि उसका बेटा पति की तरह दूसरा “बैरागी प्रसाद शर्मा “ नहीं निकला, पर क्या वाकई येसा था ? लवलीना और शर्मा जी की यह तकरार कहा जाकर खत्म होती है और उसका क्या नतीज़ा निकला, जानने के लिए देखिए तृप्ति शुक्ला लिखित हास्य और व्यंग से भरी कहानी “शर्माजी बैरागी है!!”2020

6Chammak ChalloAmrita Pritamकैसा लगता है जब कोई आपकी मुस्कुराहट छीन ले? कैसा लगता है जब कोई आपको हर वक़्त कोसे , ताने मारे? छल्लों के साथ भी कुछ एसा ही होता था। छल्लों तो एक मासूम लड़की थी जो हर वक़्त अपने पिताजी को खुश रखने के बारेमे सोचा करती थी। पर इस चक्कर में उसको किन किन घटनाओं से गुजरना पड़ा ये आप कभी सोच भी नहीं सकते। अमृता प्रीतम की लिखी हुई ये कहानी समाज के उन चीज़ों को दर्शाती है जो आज भी एक बड़ा मुद्दा है। अमृता प्रीतम जी की ये अद्भुत लिखावट आपको फिर एक बार इस मुद्दे पर सोचने केलिए मजबूर कर देगी। इस काहनी के उपर का पर्दा हटाने के लिए और जानने के लिए कि ऐसा क्या हुआ था छल्लों के साथ...तो सुनिए कहानी छम्मक छल्लों।2020

7Karma WaliAmrita Pritam"SOME WOMEN FEAR THE FIRE, SOME WOMEN SIMPLY BECOME IT" This is the story of a woman, "KARMAVALI" who chose to become the fire. This is the story of an unshakable woman who chose to be undefeated, who chose to live her life with pride. This story written by AMRITA PRITAM who is considered to be the first prominent, progressive female Punjabi poet and novelist, makes us question, " WHAT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR A WOMAN- HER MARRIAGE OR SELF RESPECT?"2020

8Thakur ka BhootVijaydaan Dethaमेहनती और आत्मनिर्भर किसान “चौधरी” दुविधा में पड़ जाता है जब गाँव के ठाकुर का भूत खेती बादी में उसकी मदत करना चाहता है। स्वाभिमानी चौधरी ठाकुर के भूत की मदत भी नहीं लेना चाहता और उसको मना भी नहीं कर सकता.. क्या चौधरी ठाकुर के भूत से अपना पीछा छुड़ा पाएगा??2020

9Ek ladki Ek JaamAmrita PritamWe all make promises or should I say promise's but most of the time we end up breaking it. Ek ladki Ek Jaam is a story of such promise which was kept until the last breath without ever having a thought of breaking it. The witness of this unconventional promise was tea-plant of the city of Kangra. To know, what was that promise which a kept throughout life. We invite you to Safar-e- Dastaan's "Ek Ladki - Ek Jaam"2020

10Rail YatraSharad Joshi“यात्रा” यह शब्द सुनते ही हमारे मन में चैन का झरना बहने लगता है। और इस लॉकडाउन के चलते यात्रा करने की आशा हम कर भी नहीं सकते। लेकिन फिर भी शरद जोशींजि की रेल यात्रा इस कहानी के जरिए आपके उबलते यात्रा की आशा को कुछ ठंडक पहुंचा ही सकते हैं।2020

11BekhaufSwatantra TheatreShe is more than just a harlot' Being abandoned women in the eye of society was the reason she couldn't make it in our history books , right??? The story, 'Bekhauf' is based on the life of tawaifs, back in 1899 during the British Raj. Over the years there have been many untold mysterious stories of women who have sacrificed a lot for the freedom of India but unfortunately, we do not know them because they lived with those stickers on, "A mark of Prostitute" Let's set out on the journey of a woman who was not just a harlot but a spy, a dancer, a freedom fighter and much more than that 2020

12Ladki paheli siOmprakash Tiwariएक लड़की पहेली सी" जीवन यदि संघर्ष है तो संघर्ष करो... ये कहानी है दो व्यक्तियों की विजय और सरिता जो एक दूसरे को पसंद करते हैं। लेकिन समाज की बनाई धारणाओं के कारण सरिता अपने जीवन के संघर्षो से जूझती रहती है। क्या विजय और सरिता एक हो पायँगे? 2020

13Saattarven Saal ki UdaanAnkita Jain“A woman is someone who makes a house into a home” but what about the women who have been abandoned, left alone by their own families? What about the women who watched their home slip away and shatter slowly and steadily until it was gone? Our Seventy-year-old “Kaku” is one of these women; Dependent, Abandoned, Alone until one day a beacon of hope came into her life and helped her break free from her shackles and fly away..2020

1437 Din ki zindagiRihaan Rindसैंतीस दिन की ज़िंदगी: यह कहानी है रिहान रिंद की। जो २० साल की उम्र मे मौत से लड़ रहा था। रिहान के साथ उसके आखिरी सैंतीस दिन के सफर में वह इंसानियत के हर उस कमजोरी से नकाब उठाता है जो इंसान बेखौफ, अपने आखिरी सासो तक, अनजान होके पहने रखने की भूल करता है। अपनी आखरी दिनों में उसने एक मुहिम चलाई थी, जो आज एक फाउंडेशन के नाम से कार्यरत है। रिहान जाते जाते हमें यह सीखा जाता है कि हम ज़िन्दगी 'कितनी' जीते है यह मायने नहीं रखता, हम ज़िन्दगी 'कैसे' जीते हैं यह मायने रखता है।2020

15Ek rumaal, Ek Anguthi, EK chalni Amrita Pritamहम अक्सर भावनाओ को चीज़ो के साथ जोड़ लेते है, चाहे वह बचपन की साइकिल हो, एक पुरानी किताब, या फिर कोई खत, ये कहानी है एक लड़की की, एक औरत , एक पत्नी की, एक सास की और एक दोस्त की , जो बताती है की किस तरह एक रुमाल, एक अंगूठी और एक मामूली सी छलनी इनके जीवन का एक अटूट हिस्सा बनकर रह गई।2020

16KhamoshiEdgar Allen Poeमूल रूप से ‘साइलेंस-अ फेबल’ जोकी एडगर एलन पो द्वारा लिखीत है और १८३८ में प्रकाशित एक कहानी है। यह कहानी हमारे बारे में एक अनकही सत्य का प्रतिनिधित्व करती है कि मानव जाति के रूप में वास्तव में एक इंसान को क्या भरूर्सना देता है जो इतना जानलेवा है कि आप शायद जीवित न रह पाए। और वो एकमात्र ताकत क्या है जिस पर हम अपनी अंतिम सांस तक निर्भर रह सकते हैं। एक खालीपन जो हमारे भीतर रहता है; क्या होगा अगर सब कुछ 'चुप' था?2020

17SafaltaOmprakash SharmaThe story written by om prakash ji is of young man Rajesh who is unemployed. He is toiling for a job . He is asked by his beloved also to marry him to which he denies because he has no work . Circumstances so happen that he goes for interview but he discovers there , interviews are just formality selection of candidate is already done. He is disheartened and frustrated that how he will fulfill his parents expectations. Amidst all this , theatre comes to his rasque as his beloved introduces him to his friend looking for an actor.. what than unfolds is story of hard work , commitment and simplicity of theatre artist.2020

18Chief ki DawaatBhishm Sahaniचीफ   की   दावत ’   भीष्म   साहनी   द्वारा   रचित   प्रमुख   कहानी   है।   इस   कहानी   में   उन्होने  समाज   के   खोखलेपन   तथा   दिखावटीपन   को   दर्शाया   है।   उनके   द्वारा   रचित   कहानी   आज   भी   उतनी   ही   प्रासंगिक   है, जितनी   उस   समय   थी।   भीष्म   साहनी   ने   शामनाथ   के   माध्यम   से   शिक्षित   युवा   पीढ़ी   पर   करारा   व्यंग्य   किया   है।   आज   के   शिक्षित   युवा   वर्ग   अपने   माता   पिता   को   बोझ   समझते   हैं।   लोग  अपनी   सुख   सुविधा   के   लिए   अपने   माता-पिता   को   छोड़   देते  हैं।   वे   यह   तक   भूल   जाते   हैं   कि   आज   जिस   समाज   मे   वे   रह   रहे  है  ये  उन ही की  बदौलत   है। वे अपने वृद्ध माता-पिता से शर्मिंदा होते है और ये भूल जाते है की उम्र के उस पड़ाव से उन्हें भी गुज़रना है। अपने   बच्चो   को   काबिल   बनाने   के   लिए   माता   पिता   अपना   सर्वस्व   समर्पित   कर   देते   हैं।   उनका   पूरा   जीवन   अपने   बच्चों   की   खुशी   के   लिए   बलिदान   में   व्यतीत   हो   जाता   है।   ‘ चीफ   की   दावत ’   एक   ऐसी   ही   कहानी   है ,  जिसमें   स्वार्थी   बेटे   शामनाथ   को   अपनी   विधवा   बूढ़ी   माँ   का   बलिदान   फर्ज   ही   नजर   आता   है।2020

19Pizza aur ChedilalSwatantra Theatreयह कहानी है हमारे प्यारे छेदीलाल जी की जिन्होंने अपने दोस्त की पार्टी में जब पहली बार पिज़्ज़ा का स्वाद चखा तो मचल के झूम उठे। अब सिर्फ पिज़्ज़ा ही खाएंगे कहते हुए छेदिजी ने जब पिज़्ज़ा का दाम देखा तो उनके होश उड़ गए। इसी बिच लंडन जाने का दौरा हुआ तो उनकी बाछेँ खिल गई की अब तो दफ्तर के काम में मुफ्त पिज़्ज़ा खाने मिलेगा यह सोचकर वे बोहोत खुश हुए2020

20TrityapanthiOmprakash Sharmaये कहानी हमारे समाज के उस वर्ग की है, जिससे हम दूर रहना चाहते हैं। मानिए या न मानिए, हमारे द्वारा हिकारत और धिक्कार की चोटें खाते इस वर्ग को हमने अपने जीवन में सिर्फ एक मज़ाक के पात्र का दर्जा दिया है। समाज में जहाँ औरत और मर्द की समानता के लिए लड़ा जाता है, वहाँ शायद हम भूल गए हैं की ये 'तृतीय पंथी' भी हमारे समाज का हिस्सा हैं। ये कहानी है, सुनन्दा की, चम्पा की, चमेली की और उन सभी तृतीय पंथीयों की, जो ना ही औरत हैं ना ही मर्द, मगर शायद आपसे और हमसे बेहतर इंसान ज़रूर हैं।2020

21Uski Wapsi ka dinAnkita Jainबेटियों के साथ पिता का रिश्ता कितना मज़बूत और समझ-बूझ भरा होता है, इसका एहसास उनके बीच पसरी ख़ामोशी से होता है। बेटियों की जिंदगी में बाज़ दफ़ा ऐसे मौक़े आते हैं, जब उन्हें एक माँ की ज़रूरत होती है। लेकिन जब एक पिता बेटियों की ख़ामोशी भी पढ़ने लग जाए, तो माँ की गौर-मौजूदगी में उसका रिश्ता अपनी बेटियों से साथ माँ-बेटी सा ही हो जाता है। "उसकी वापसी का दिन" उन बेटियों की कहानी है जिन्होंने अपने माँ को होते हुए भी खो दिया था , एक ऐसे मर्द की कहानी है जिसे लोग जोरू का गुलाम कहते थे, एक ऐसे परिवार की कहानी है जीसके घर को मकान बच्चीयों के माँ ने ही बनाया। शायद एक ऐसे माँ की कहानी भी , जिसकी छवि किसी कहानी, कविताएं या नज़्म में न हो। शायद माँ के इस रूप को किसी ने कभी सोचा ही नही।2020

22Dimakon ki MallikaMujtaba Hussainमुजतबा हुसैन नाम के हमारे हैदराबाद के उर्दू के बोहोत ही उम्दा अफ़साना निगार है उनकी एक कहानी 'दीमकों की मालिका से एक मुलाक़ात', ये एक ऐसी कहानी है जिसमे उर्दू क़िताबों और उर्दू के मुसन्निफों की आज की हालत को हुसैन साहब एक दीमक के जरिये व्यंग तरीके से हमारे सामने लाते हैं.2020

23Khoda Ched aur nikli ammaDr. Sudarshan UpadhyayWe are well versed with the vices present in our society, or as a matter of fact - even within us ; but most of the times we choose not to address them ! We put on the masks of morality every single day just to appear slightly more appealing ! 'Khuda Ched Aur Nikli Amma' is a story by 'Dr. Sudarshan Upadhyay' that uses contemporary humor to pinpoint the real face that we as a society possess. The plot revolves around an unsatisfied 'Dhamake' who constantly wishes for more fame and in-turn plans various shenanigans to which his family falls prey. Swatantra theatre's attempt to potray this story shall be in a 'tamboo theater' format !2020

24Mata VimataBhishm Sahani"दुनियाँ में सबसे सुखद है माँ का साया.. पर जब एक माँ त्याग दें, अपने ही कोख का जाया.. और किसी दूसरी औरत की दुनियाँ बन जाएं ये अनचाहा.. तो आख़िर कौन है बच्चे का हमसाया? कौन कहलाएगी बच्चे की मैय्या…?" भीष्म साहनी लिखित, 'माता-विमाता' एक ही बच्चे की दो माँओं की कहानी है। उनकी ममता में छिपी, उनकी बेबसी की कहानी है। उनकी बेबसी आख़िर किस अंजाम तक पहुँचती है2020

25Kittur ki rani ChinammaSwatantra TheatreIndia has seen great revolutionary women like Rani Laxmibai, Savitribai Phule and many more and “Rani Chennamma” is one of them. The inspiring story of India’s one of the First Female Freedom Fighter who led An armed force against the British East India Company in 1824 in defiance of the doctrine of lapse. India has witnessed so many great freedom fighters who are lesser-known to the Nation now, as they are lost somewhere in the pages of the History.2020

26Bhudi kakiPremchandबूढी काकी, एक ऐसी कहानी जो बुढ़ापे को बचपने की एक छवि की तरह प्रस्तुत करती है। एक तरफ जहा बुढ़ापे मे समझ स्वभाव बच्चो जैसा हो जाती है, वही दूसरी तरफ कोई सहारा नहीं रह जाता। बूढी काकी की हर छोटी से छोटी बात ये दर्शाती है की किस तरह बुढ़ापा और बचपन हाथो हाथ चलते है मगर फिर भी कितने अलग अलग है।2020

27BindaMahadevi Vermaमहादेवी वर्मा की मर्मस्पर्शी रचना बिंदा जो आपको अंदर से झकझोर देगी। प्रस्तुत कर रहे हैं, फ़्रीमोंट, कैलिफोर्निया, अमेरिका में स्थित कलाकार श्रीमती मोनिका मेहता चितकारा। 2020

28Parmatama ka KuttaMohan Rakeshयह कहानी है एक आम आदमी की। एक ऐसे आदमी की जो अपने मृत भाई के हक़ की ज़मीन पाने की लिए सालों से सरकारी दफ़्तर के चक्कर काट रहा है। उसके हज़ारो बार मिन्नतें, ख़ुशामदे, और एड़िया रगड़ने के बाद भी बहरी सरकार के कानों तक उसकी बात नहीं पहुँचती। आख़िर ऐसे हालात में वह अपना आपा खोने पर मजबूर हो जाता है और ख़ुद को 'परमात्मा का कुत्ता' कहलाने लगता है। एक ऐसा कुत्ता, जो अन्याय के ख़िलाफ़ भौंक भौंक कर सरकारी कुत्तों के कान फाड़ देता है। इंसाफ़ की गुहार करता है। 2020

29Hajiali KulfiwalaAmritlal NagarThere are great people who do small things which leaves huge impact in others life. Such is the story of this haji kulfiwala who use his strength for the betterment of other without taking anything in return. To know what was his strength and how he helps others by using his strength 2020

30PitaVimlesh TiwariBy the time a man realizes that maybe his father was right, he usually has a son who thinks he’s wrong. -Charles Wadsworth2020

31JalwaPhanishwarnath Renuफातिमादी जिन्होंने आजादी की लड़ाई में बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा लिया बिना अपने प्राणों का भय मन में लिए, लड़ाई लड़ने से आजादी मिलने तक उनके राहों में कई बाधाएं आई और कई मतलब परस्त लोगों से उनका सामना हुआ और इस बात का उन्हें गहरा दुख होता है आजाद हिंदुस्तान की जैसी कल्पना वह कर रही थी ठीक सब कुछ उसके विपरीत उन्होंने पाया, लेकिन सारी परिस्थितियों के बाद भी फातिमादी कभी पीछे नहीं हटी। और अपनी लड़ाई लड़ती रही।2020

32Tara aur kiranDharamveer BharatiA young man who plays flute at the seashore get's noticed by a group of sea maid . They all get mesmorized by the sound of his melodious music and they take him to their kingdom where they introduce him to their queen. The queen becomes very curious about the young man and ask him to tell her more about his world and his people.2020

33KafanPremchandHumans have Humanity because they are Humans. The basic nature of give and take does not exist in said human beings. Will you believe it if we say this is a Paradox? That all the things you believe to be true aren't really true! A human being for whom life equates to comfort or luxury and disregards hard work, struggle and the existence of others as mere mortals. That morality is subjective. That sometimes humanity does not exist in human beings. That lnhumane behaviour has become the first preference of Human Beings. 2020

34IcchapuranRabindra Nath Tagoreहर बच्चे को अक्सर बचपन में ये ख़्याल ज़रुर आता है कि वो बड़ा होता तो शायद दुनिया जीत लेता। वहीं वो बड़ा जो अब इस बड़ी सी दुनिया मे कदम रख चुका है,फिर खेलकूद और अठखेलियों को दोहराना चाहता है।अपनी बीती सुधार कर एक नए जीवन का निर्माण करना चाहता है।पर क्या हो अगर समय का पहिया सच में इस खेल को खेलने में हमारी मदद करे।जहां बचपन बड़प्पन जी सके और बड़प्पन बचपन। 2020

35Mata ka HridayePremchandकल की शाम, मा के ममता के नाम। माता का हृदय दया का आगार है। उसे जलाओ तो उसमें दया की ही सुगंध निकलती है, पीसो तो दया का ही रस निकलता है। वह देवी है। विपत्ति की क्रूर लीलाएँ भी उस स्वच्छ निर्मल स्रोत को मलिन नहीं कर सकती। मा और ममता का कोई दिवस नहीं होता।कहानी को सुने और जानने के लिए कल ठीक 8:00 बजे स्वतंत्र थियेटर के यूट्यूब चैनल पर जुड़ना ना भूलें ।2020

36TamashaSwadesh DeepakThis story is based on the life of a madaari family. How they tackle their day to day problems by performing high risk stunts And one day while performing one of these stunts an incident happens Which changes their life..2020

37Kath ka sapnaMuktibodh"Kath ka Sapna" by Muktibodh is a story which is a reflection of values of each and every human being. The story is a turmoil of emotions in the voided life of three individuals who are bonded by a thin strain of love or is it a mere compulsion of survival through the never-ending circle of life?2020

38Baraat ab bhi aati haiSarveshwar Dayal Saxenaबरसात अब भी आती है" एक ऐसे सिपाही की कहानी है जो खुद को जाहिल कहता है। जिसकी जिंदगी मैं बरसात तो आती है, मगर उसके आँखों मे जवानी के सपनो के दीप नही झिलमिलाते। इत्तेफ़ाक़न ज़िसके जिंदगी मैं फूल खिले थे, मगर बाढ़ उसके एहसासों को बह ले गई। वो चाहता तो अपने एहसास को बाहों में लेकर भाग सकता था। मगर वो ठहरा एक जाहिल सिपाही जिसने जिंदगी भर सिर्फ हुक्म की भी भाषा जानी थी। आइये जुड़िये मेरे साथ उसके एहसाह के साथ।2020

39Safed coatDr. Ramesh Milanनारी के कर्तव्य, सेवा एवं त्याग की मार्मिक कहानी. एक पिता के निस्वार्थ प्रेम और अमूल्य विचारधारा की कहानी. एक डॉक्टर की पवित्रता और निष्ठा की कहानी.2020

40LihafIsmat ChugtaiLihaf (The Quilt), an Urdu short story published in 1941, that made 'Ismat Chughtai' (1915 - 1991) popular for its controversies. It was tagged as an obscene piece of work that shed light upon a desire for homosexuality and inturn was banned, temporarily. The story is a horrific memory of the narrator from her childhood days that resurface as she puts on a quilt during the winter. She walks down memory lane as she recalls the intricacies of the time when she visited her aunt (Begum Jaan) and Uncle (the Nawab) whose "peculiar" habits and behaviours led to the occurance of certain incidents that spike a shiver down her spine, till this date. Ismat Chugtai's Lihaaf is considered a revolutionary text, way ahead of it's time, it gained international acclamation and currently is being taught in various universities.2020

41LaashKamleshwarकमलेश्वर (६ जनवरी १९३२-२७ जनवरी २००७) हिन्दी लेखक कमलेश्वर बीसवीं शती के सबसे सशक्त लेखकों में से एक समझे जाते हैं। कहानी, उपन्यास, पत्रकारिता, स्तंभ लेखन, फिल्म पटकथा जैसी अनेक विधाओं में उन्होंने अपनी लेखन प्रतिभा का परिचय दिया। 'लाश' कहानी उन्होंने मुंबई प्रवास के दौरान सन् (१९६८) में लिखी |कहानी लाश समाज के सभी पन्नों को ख