Actors Profile

Fresh faces, professional talent and determined actors and actresses, artists of a kind of mixed colours,moods and emotions. Experience beyond your expectation, a valued act at every shot. Actors of Swatantra Theatre, Pune.

Aaditya Alankar: One of the senior actors at Swatantra.He is extremely passionate about the roles he plays and it seems he has poured soul into dead characters.He comes, he gives his 100% efforts, he goes.this simple style helps him store his energy for productive work every minute.

Devesh :At 6 feet 2 inches above ground, he is handsomely hard-working. An intense study of the character he plays, aids him in his acts. His hunt and exploration to achieve the zenith and truth to honour his character help him justify his role to the farthest point.

Karan Parab: Instructed only once and ends up creating a mind boggling experience to the audience. His observation and listening skills combined with his immense creativity skills culminate all his acts into an ‘aha’experience.

Bikrom Borkakoty: Feeling drousy, talk to Bikrom. He weighs around a hell load of energy in his body. His stamina is unbelievably commendable. His vigorous exercise and practice toward his love and passion, ‘acting’ is beyond praiseworthy.

Aniruddha Jadhav: He holds various plays at his dispense. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable and a vivacious artist and performer. Works with persistence and diligence. His resolute devotion toward acting is immeasurable.

Akhtar: Funny, serious and subtle at the very right moments when needed in an act. He is loyal and committed to the characters’ need. His biggest responsibility is to give justice to the acts he plays. His balanced positive nature toward life helps him accomplish the freedom of openness and ease to act.

Zuber Sayyed: He posses every joy, every sorrow, every emotion and brings all of it to life on stage. An avid actor,he breathes acting, he walks acting, he talks acting. He reflects an aura of spontaneity, confidence,veracity, versatility, power, and passion.

Sandeep Dwivedi: Quick in response and spontaneous on stage.He enactsall his visualizations carefully and efficiently. He is an artist by hand and an actor by soul.The second Rajpal Yadav-members refer to him when he is on stage.

Prakhar Singh: Like air is to life, acting is to Prakhar. A deep investigation and research of the character he plays, is the key to his mind-blowing, incredible performances. Versatile and a man of immense respect for hisprofession and people, he grows with every performance on stage and off stage.

Vishal Golekar: He draws in the characteristics, and the staple requisites of the roles he performs. he is young and thorough in his briefings about the roles he executes. His excitement to stage his act is evident from the first day of having received his script.

Sukhwinder Kumar: An atmosphere of comfort everyone finds around him. Nothing disturbs his aim, his goal to achieve the highest level of contented performance. A young lad who is not only flexible but also passionate towards acting.

Amir Ali: Spontaneity is the innate virtue he holds to its deepest core.He possesses the agility in his process of learning and professional work. Virtuous toward acting, his passion is alive and live 24/7

Rachit Chugh: A hard working enthusiast, a determined and devoted actor. He has the caliber to adopt and adapt to all roles endowed upon him.

Sagar Joshi: At 18 he is determined and highly imaginative. He represents an early youth filled with vitality and free action in his acts, thoughts and emotions. A spark of creativity, reality, fiction and flexibility inspire his zeal to always be the best.

Shweta Patil: Devoted to theatre, she rises above board every time.Precision is her greatest asset apart from an endless list of virtues.

Kuwar Mahadev Singh Lakhawat: An act in hand, is always a delicacy on the palate. Versatility and creativity shines in every step taken by him on the stage. Life is the gift he offers to his roles. Pursuing a career in acting is his priority, which assist him to focus better.

Nilesh Dongare: From back stage to on stage, he is the man to be wanted. His calm attitude to getting things done on time is his most priced quality. An actor he pursues to be.

Swapnil Satav:His voice quality is commendable.He is the one who can easily go along with.His characterisations reflect during his performances very convincingly.

Amit Kumar: Amit very rightly believes in Practice, Practice and Practice.He wants to become the Director’s pride through his depth in acting.

Monish Khowale:Monish is another young talent  at Swatantra.He convinces his dialogues with excellent projection and snatches roles to perform them the best.

Prithvi Sancheti:Dynamic and young, Prithvi is the "most wanted" actor.His comic sense of acting is truly praiseworthy.

Siddarth Sas:Siddarth is one of those artists who is simply not satisfied with his acts he is constantly thinking of ways to do more and more better each time.

Aakarsh Sharma:Handsome and young, Aakarsh is mind blowingly spontaneous.His eyes are deep and have a spark.Precision is his habit and raising beyond expectations is his biggest quality.

Ashish Tripathi:Ashish can dissolve in a team so fast as if sugar in a glass of milk.Ashish is undoubtedly talented, confident and hard working.He takes care of backstage too with a deep sense of responsibility.Simple and focussed young man.You want him always with you.

Rajiv Lochan:Rajiv is truly an artist.Quiet and calm.His mind ponders over a thousand questions and he possibly finds very artistic way to take a character to perfection.He is one of those artists who are very true and clean by hearts.

Tushar Kawle: He is very humble like an star and can do anything for the  character.

Deepak Pola:Deepak is very serious towards his responsibility as a reason we can very assuringly give him most of delicate tasks.His voice quality is his biggest asset.His acting is no doubt very natural.

Shivankit Shingh Parihar:  He is very talented and serious Artist basically he is very all rounded.

Our other talented members

Jitendra Wankhede, Rustom Irani, Sandhya Reddy, Aniket Solanki, Aakarsh Sharma, Sai Kolte, Susmita Mukherjee, Rahul Singh, Uttam Kumar,Shravani Survase, Col.Sudhir Acharya, Rina Sawardekar, Roopal Nema, Piyush Kumar, Sfurti Patil, Amey Gaunker, Nandini Devi, Pradeep Kapate, Shrinivas Shastri, Vijay Pandey, Saurabh Sharma, Soham Gadkari, Vibhakar Pandey, Vaibhav Joshi, Nandini Pasalkar, Heena Sharma, Sujata Pasalkar, Sonal Shah, Anshuman Anand, Ganesh Jabde, Raj Sandbhor, Shashank Bharadwaj, Kartik Kiran, Amit Agarwal, Prashant Kumar, Pawan Kulkarni, Umesh Jaiswal, Neha Dubey, Nikhilesh Tyagi, Muzaffar Ali, Naseer, Mobin Khan, Sitaram Khatri,Amit Singh, Vikash Singh, Neha Chhabra, Sagar Tayal, Rajiv Choudhary, Sandit Tiwari, Aaditya Sharma, Vaijanath Ghayal, Vishal, Mahesh, Akshay, Suraj, Maulik Desai, Suniket Gandhi, Darshan,Nupur Patwardhan, Mitesh Mishra, Mannu, Ambuj Anand, Ankur Malhotra, Jignesh, Tanu, Harpal Singh, Prerna Mahajan,Shaik Riyaz, Mriganka Dadhwal, Joshua Immanuel, Rakhi Jain, Rakhi Pundru, Vijay Gupta, Amar Sharma, Vijay Mulgund, Sanket Nagulpelli,Govinda Sharma, Siddhesh Wadhokar,Shefali Kumar, Sunita Gyanchandani, Tushar Kawale, Gorakh Ghadge, Suresh, Ranjan Kusugal,Jitendra Paliwal, Sudha Rani, Akbar Khetani, Puneet Dixit, Nitin Mukesh, Rajkumar, Dharmesh Deshmukh, Azar Quereshi, Mohit Rawal, Puneet  Arora, Sourav Rauniyar, Vivek Kapoor, Kuldeep Lepse, Shaik Riyaz, Ayub Khan, Aseem Dubey.