Through Swatantra Theatre’s Children Productions we have explored different literature of Indian Origin. Rabi Sansar was based on Rabindranath Tagore’s works, Malgudi Days was based on R K Narayan’s works, Chulbule Bulbule was based on Ruskin Bond’s works, where as our last Children production ‘Akbar ke Birbal’ was an humble attempt to learn through the lives of great leaders like Akbar. This time we chose Tukaram Maharaj not only because his ‘Abhangas’ became the most important asset of Marathi Literature but also contemporary saints like him have brought our society on the right track by bringing a social change in the areas of discrimination, ignorance.
Indeed Tukaram Maharaj was Maharashtra’s most revolutionary saint.The story through his life shows his bright and lovely childhood days to his days of poverty and sufferings and then transforming himself by experiences of life and his abh abhangs as Sant Tukaram .

"Tukaram" was born in 1608 in Dehu, a village near Pune to a family who were devoted followers of the deity Vitthal or Vithoba (a form of Lord Vishnu). The family belonged to the Kunbi caste, they were moneylenders and traders by profession.

'Tukaram' had a very normal childhood. He was fascinated with Lord Vitthal who he claimed as his dear friend. He was a very innocent and generous kid and would freely park with his toys or personal belongings with his friends. As he grews up he takes up the family responsibility as his elder brother is not interested in the material world and is drawn completely towards spiritual pursuits. Tuka tries to become a good son and husband but the arrival of a major famine destroys this beautiful picture. He loses both his parents, his sister-in-law (brother's wife) dies and his elder brother 'Savji' abandons home. His first wife and son die too; during this hopeless atmosphere of a terrible three-year-long famine, 'Tukaram' realizes that the perennial treasure of God's grace is far more valuable than ephemeral worldly riches and he shifts his focus to divine worship. He does not choose to quit his responsibilities though and follow a solitary path.

Instead, he feels it is more important to try and reduce the sorrows of the people around him. For him, being 'a good human being' is as vital as being a good son, friend or husband

PRODUCED BY: Yuwaraj Shah


DIRECTION : Abhijeet Choudhary

COSTUMES DESIGN : Pune Costumes.

CAST:  Krieesh Sureka, Jayartha Sengupta, Simran Pingle,Moksha Shah, Gul Mehta, Ridhima Pande,  Hardik Sawhaney, Ananya Agroya, Ananya Mantri, Maitreya Prasade , Samaira Bharadwaj, Smayan Rana,  Daivik Pande,Shubh Nahata, Ojas Gawarkar, Ira Gambhir, Soumya Choudhary, Prisha Mehta, Aarav Hegde


28th Jan 2018, 7.15pm


Venue: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole road, off JM road, Pune

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