Pune theatre's Takes a lead to Stage Ramanujan's life

Swatantra Theatre Presenting 'Death of a Mad Mathematician' this play is Originally written in english by Shrinivas Sharangpani.

ANKI AMMAL(Ramanujan's wife): "who was the responsible of my husband's Death..? The Government, His Mother or I myself....

Janki ammal remembering the past....

Ramanujan’s passion about research in mathematics and his desire to do something great. Prof. Hardy is convinced that Ramanujan is a genius though he seeks opinions of his colleagues. The paradox is that he is keen to do research in maths but reluctant to go out of the country as per his orthodox mother’s wishes. Prof. Hardy is equally determined to bring Ramanujan to Cambridge and offers assurance that he will not be required to appear for any exams and he will have full freedom to do what he wants. He even sends Prof. Neville to convince Ramanujan and his family. After getting a blessing and approval of Goddess Namakkal , Ramanujan is ready to cross the seas. 

The play also offers a glimpse into Ramanujan’s character—his simplicity bordering on naiveté and his ignorance of social norms despite his brilliance in the chosen field. His years in England are tumultuous on account of ongoing war, his health problems and above all his isolation from his dear wife. These things take a toll on him and he is forced to return to India. Back home for once he shows his toughness acquired during his years in England and defies various suggestions. In the company of his wife he continues to do research till his last breath. 

This play probes Ramanujan’s physical and emotional needs and questions the actions of the persons he loved most. 

25th Nov.  10.15 am and 7.00pm (Two Show)

Cast:   Dhanashree Heblikar, Sawan Badgujar,   Swapnil shirsat, Utkarsh Mankumbre, Arjun Jain, Ashwin Sharma, Neeraj Murthy, Mohit  Rannade, Abhinavanand Sharma, Kanika Kulshreshtha, Kamran Rashid.Krushan doshi,Nikhil Pasalkar, Payal kawale,  Zil Shah ,Prem Gowda, Shubham Tilwani.

Back-Stage: Ashwin Sharma, Chaitanya Shinde..

Original Playwright:  Shrinivas Sharangpani   Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikar     Hindi Translation Vivekanand and Himanshu

  Produced By Yuwaraj Shah   Directed By Abhijeet Choudhary      Music Arjun jain and Krushant Doshi

Venue: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole road, off JM road, Pune


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