Komal Gandhar (Hindi Play) I 12th April 2014 Pune

Komal Gandhaar 


 12th April, 8.15pm I Pune

Written by Shankar Shesh
Produced By Yuwaraj Shah
Directed by Abhijeet Choudhary 
Gandhari — one of the characters in the epic Mahabharata.
 Play that highlights lot many human emotions and politics…
When Duryodhana would ask for her blessing of victory during the Kurukshetra war, Gandhari would only say "may victory find the side of righteousness".
This play strongly highlights the cause of downfall of Kauravas with a different point of view altogether. The Bhishma, the Mentor of all the Mahabharatha, never wanted to let the big Dynasty of Hastinapur fall. He wanted a legal heir of Dhritrashtra to handle the Kingdom despite the fact that Duryodhana's cousins Pandavas were much more eligible to handle it. But Bhishma, wanted a proper lineage to follow. He was not willing to hand it over to Dhristra’s cousin Pandavas. To do so, he made the relation with Gandhar King and seeked his daughter as the groom for Dhritrashtra. She was not made aware that her husband was in fact a blind. Having created a utopian picture of her husband in her mind as someone with a broad chest, well built physique and a mesmerizing "Eyes", she departs from Gandhar To Hastinapur.After reaching Hastinapur she becames aware that her utopian picture is nothing but of a blind man, whom she was going to get married. 


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Gandhari- Dhanaashree Heblikar
Dhrishtrashtra- Mahadev Singh Lakhawat
Sanjay- Prakhar Singh
Bhishma- Anurag Sharma
Shakuni- Soham Gadkari
Duryodhan- Prashant Singh
Daasi- Pranay /Sonal Mahajan /Ankita

Directed: Abhijeet Choudhary 
Produce & Supported by: Shri Yuwaraj Shah 
Music by: Ankur Shah and Dhanashree Heblikar
Cotumes: Aruna Creation
Backstage Team: Sonal Mahajan,Swapnil, Aniket, Vandita, Jaydeep,Paras, Malvi Dedia,Pooja Patni, **Durgeshwari,**Jitendragiri Goswami, **Pranay, Srikant, Rushabh Mutha, Rohit, Varun, Ankita
Date:12th April, 2014         
Time: 8.15pm 
Venue: Open Air Theatre, Sri Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya, Next to BMCC, Deccan Area, Pune
+91 9767178857, 9923643335