"KABIRA KHADA BAZAR MEIN", 8th Oct 2017 After huge applauses and Public demand

8oct, 2017 

TWO SHOWS  4pm and 8pm 


Swatantra Theatre Production






The play is based on the life of Sant Kabir. How a simple man’s thoughts and intellect, by witnessing years of injustice, prejudice and blind faith turned him into a mystical poet.

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein traces various issues the prodigy came across in his life including caste discrimination, religion and numerous social stigmas which bind and divide people in the society. Kabir not only recites his quintessential poems but is also unafraid of voicing his opinion in front of others; be it the elite or the pauper. Based in the background of the then Kashi, the play holds much relevance in the modern era as well. The play starts with Kabir’s father complaining about his son’s erratic behavior and outspoken attitude to his wife. This is when Kabir overhears the ongoing arguments and learns how he was abandoned by a woman belonging to upper-caste and got adopted by the family of Muslim weavers. Befuddled upon realizing his true identity, he decides to abandon his religion and embrace the existence of a higher entity who can be loved and worshiped by all. Kabir’s verse highlighted the divide among Hindu-Muslims, the tyranny of the rich and powerful and the ongoing political conservatism practiced in the society. This not only irked Hindus and Turks but also the local Kotwal (local police officer) who would punish those who supported Kabir. .

All in all, one can say that the play recounts anecdotes from Kabir’s life in the straight narrative form, employed as a means to express revulsion against untouchability and religious exclusivity which continue to exist till date. The circumstances which Kabir wrote about more than 600 years ago continue to plague us even now as casteism and religious intolerance dominate the minds of fanatic people.


Cast: Dhanashree Heblikar, Ashwin Sharma,  Alok Bhusan, Swapnil shirsat,Prem Gowda, Chaitanya Shinde, Srikant Ghadge, Abhinavanand Sharma, Bakar Agwan, Sumeet soni,Himanshu Sharma, rashmi gulta, Kanika Kulshreshtha, Krushan doshi,Nikhil Pasalkar, Payal kawale,Rashmi Gupta, Sanket Deshmukh, Mohit Ranade, Shubham Tilwani, Sumit Soni, Pradeep, Sunil Bhat, Sunil Mehta, Suyash Kukreja, Aakash Lilani, Adarsh Rajput, Chezan Lawer, Aditya Keshari, Yash Patil,pawan choudhari,Suraj bhujade, Akhilesh Dixit, Rakesh Thakur.



Written by Bhishma Sahni     Produced By Yuwaraj Shah   Directed By Abhijeet Choudhary      Music Dhanashree Heblikar


Time: 4pm   and 8pm   Date: 8oct 2017

Venue: Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole road, off JM road

9923643335, 9767178857