India's 1st Black and white play(drama) coming fo

A brilliant play coming this season.A play that you should never miss..

BDB Cultural Forum presents Swatantra Theatre's unique Theatre production 
 “An Evening with Chekhov”

Illuminating Feature of the Play

The play is designed to be in complete  black and white feel.Such experimentation might be the first one in Indian Theatre.
The stage set up and light designing is specially designed to give a feel of 60s and 70s in a special way.Costumes have the flavour of interestingly put up into black and white theme.
 Though the concept and content is contemporary, the treatment is in the late 60s movie-An  Old movie like way.


It is a combination of 6 short stories which consists various colours of life with a dash of humour. The story depicts the complex facet of the writer in the play .The writer conflict at penning down his experiences as short stories; itself is an organic story in the play.
First story tells that "How lower class people in any system of hierarchy feel insecure when they commit ignorable mistake and how it creates comedy.”
Where the second story titled after “Surgery” tells how an inexperienced compounder tries to convince the patient who is suffering of tooth ache.
"Arrangement”, is a story of an open minded father who wants to make his son know and experience each and every moment when he turns 18.
And many more comedy of errors…

About Swatantra Theatre

“SWATANTRA THEATRE” was established in Pune in the year 2006. Today, with great endurance it stands on a pedestal channeled towards contemporary notions and social issues.
 Since its inception, Swatantra Theatre, one of the leading Hindi Theatre groups in Pune, has endeavored in entertaining the audience with humorous, social and contemporaneous plays at renowned institutes like NDA, FTII, Symbiosis, Bharti Vidyapeeth, Congress Bhavan etc.The group has produced several Hindi productions which include innovative and exclusive production value, contemporary aesthetics and unique, contemporary content have been the attributes of each SwatantraTheatre production.
About BDB Culture Forum(Title Sponsor)

Our diverse country has a vast repository of art and culture. Our musical instruments, vocal arts, color tapestries, dances, puppetry, magic, jugglery, street plays, handicraft and numerous other creative capabilities like culinary arts, perfumes and even rituals have astounded the world. What is more, every region of our vibrant country presents uniqueness, impacted over the centuries by the prevailing weather there, the flora and the fauna, local customs and religion.

BDB Culture Forum aims to identify the wondrous and the quaint art forms of India and give them a platform to showcase it to an urban audience. Benevolent patrons can then take it further!

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Lights designing and Direction:  Abhijeet Choudhary

Stage designing and Music: Dhanashree Heblikar

Music Arrangement:       Shreya and Tushar

Back-Stage: Devesh Chobe, Jitendra, Karan, Vikram, Pradeep

Cast:    Dhanashree Heblikar, Devesh Chobe, Jitendra Wankhede, Karan Parab,Rustom Irani, Sandhya Reddy, Sae Kolte, Naseer Quazi, Sfurti Patil, Piyush Kumar, Ali Hussaini, Bikrom, Vijay Pandey.

Date:  15th Jan, 12

Time:   6.00 pm onwards

Venue: SIMC Auditorium Symbiosis, Viman Nagar

For free invitation passes contact:  +91 9767178857      

Doors open from 5.30-5.55 pm.Play from 6pm to 8 pm.*Audience above 16 years

Warm Regards,
Swatantra Team