Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September every year.Swatantra Theatre will be celebrating this years Hindi Theatre Festival on  Hindi Divas in association with FTII on 14th and 15th Sep, 2013

14th September, 2013

 In search of a safe place for Women

a tribute to damini

With extended support of Yuwaraj Shah. 

This play has been selected for the 2nd Cultural Olympiad in Dubai this year This play has also been performed at Women Summit, 2013
This is the most arousing Theatre performance- Tisca Chopra (Film Actress) saral aur samvedanshil-Sushant Ranjan, Lokmat Samachaar

Chimni a name given to her by a stranger who becomes a truest friend to her, to help her in the way he can to bring smile on her innocent face.Girl child in the country knowingly or unkowingly has undergone wrath in her early ages say it discrimination or attention.But her heart is pure.She is ambitious.She wants to go to English medium school and study like never before.
Kachrewale kaka-Shivaji Gangu Gaikwad.her friend her mate her ally.he is the only one in her life and she the only one in his life.They become the best team.This little girl grows up to a fine young women.Her marriage calls up for her.She is the most happiest girl on the earth and that night when she shares this joy with kaka she is assaulted into deep sea of sadness and everything that is like a curse for a female human.

This play not only talks about the assault which is physical.It talks about the mentality of the entire society.Is it the bringing up that makes a difference or the value system that has to be worked on?The mental stains of molestation and eve teasing  are so hard that it they can not be wiped out sometimes in the entire lifetime of a woman.The play talks about the "Maansikata" or the mentality. This is an earnest effort to clean the mentality of educated people who are actually uneducated with the help of "Kachrewale Kaka" and build a healthy society.

We are not showing what happend at the Delhi rape because there is no end of the story.But into the same mould turning it hopeful we come up with highly positive story.And we are sure that the society and every women in the society wants to live like this.
The cultural sophistication of the administration is pretty much that of the average roadside thug.Many a times system hardly knows how to talk politely, is barely educated, is uncouth, brash and rude. Is this the paragon of sensitivity a victim of rape will run to? 

The play raises questions

What is Value Creation? 
What is Mentality? 
What is a Healthy society? 
What is Education? 
What is Literacy?
We are the most fortunate to get birth as a Human Being.Where does this animality come from?
and if we do not think about this
Then tomorrow it can be us who will have to face that.

Cast: Dhanashree Heblikar, Prakhar Singh,  Prashant Kumar, Zuber Sayyed, Siddarth Sas, Sukhwinder Kumar, Amit Kumar, Soham Gadkari, Ashish Tripathi, Sneha Bhimte, , Shweta Patil, Vishal Golekar, Tejdeep Singh Gill, Kirti Sharma, Niraj Rai.

Backstage: Aniruddha Jadhav

Music:Ankur Shah,  Dhanashree Heblikar

Lights Arrangment: Bikram Borkakoty & Sagar Joshi

Written & Direction : Abhijeet Choudhary


15th September, 2013,
यह कहानी है दरयापुर  की | दरयापुर  यु पी और बिहार के बोर्डर पर  है |
 यहाँ पर दंगे होते नहीं हैं, दंगे करवाए जाते हैं 

                                                                                                            Written by Bhishm Sahani

 This play is very famous in North Theatre. The play detects the  reasons that incite riots, in a light and entertaining manner.
The word 'RIOT' is itself a very shattering word, on the contrary, the word 'Muavze..!' is a very reliving one.The deeper meaning of these 2 words and the greed, the profit that gives foundation to the riots - but blame religion and community, is satirically examined in this play.
The Play narrates a story of a poor suburb where people are waiting for riots impatiently.The poor people are ready to die in the riot because their family will get compensation, where as rich people want to take this opportunity to make their career in politics and Business successful.

Very typically composed songs is the speciality of the play.The music is live and regional instruments like Dupli, Harmonium and Ghungar are used.

Cast: Mahadev Singh Lakhawat, Anirudha Jadhav, Zyber Sayyed, Aashish Tripathi, Sneha Bhimte, Vishal Gholekar,  Amit Kumar, Sukhvinder Kumar,Soham Gadkari, Pawan Kulkarni,  Niraj Rai, Siddarth Sas, Vaibhav Dange, Rohit Nayar, Atul, Abhishek, Amitabh, Ravi Badhwa, Tejdeep, Kirti, Amit Kumar, Sukhvinder Kumar,Prashant,Sagar Joshi, Jaydeep, Vandita, Gaurav, Niraj Jujhar, Swapnil,  Amir Ali,

Supported by : Yuwaraj Shah

Written by: Bhishm Sahani 

Live Music: Ankur Shah and Dhanashree Heblikar

Vocals: Dhanashree Heblikar, Mahadev Singh Lakhawat, Prakhar Singh

Directed by: Abhijeet Choudhary

14th & 15th Sept.
Time:7.00 pm onwards     
Venue: Main Theatre, Film & Television Institute of India, Law College Road, Pune