Hindi Adaptation of Cheaper by the Dozen in Pune O

Swatantra Theatre Presents 

Hindi Adaptation of 

Cheaper by the Dozen

 a treat for parents and kids in this summer vacation

Cheaper by the Dozen is a biographical novel  written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr and Emestine Gilbreth Carey.

Adapted into a Hindi version, the story revolves around a Gujrathi family called Barabhai which resides in Pune.The Barabhai’s are a family of 15 members including 12 children, Mummy, Pappa and their Aunt.

Pappa is a tough man, loves discipline, work and order and believes that his kids will be top most people in the world.He is giving them rigorous training towards mathematics, logic, good human values, and languages.He loves his country and he slowly but steadily imbibes a sense of respect in the children towards their family and society.He immeasurably values time.”kam se kam samay me jyada se jyada kaam”is the line of his action.He is well educated and respected all over.

On the contrary Mummy is a typical yet intelligent wife of Pappa.Soft spoken and soft hearted, she loves her family.She takes care of each and every child’s requirements.She assists Pappa in helping kids study.She has never found any flaws in her husband but has always and always supported him.The aunt is a loud and melodramatic character loaded with pure hearted love and compassion towards the lovely 12 kids.

The play begins with dash of fun and entertainment which continues till the end.They are a happy family enjoying family time watching movies together, planning picnics and visiting their grandparents.They study together.They dance together.They sing together.The least aged member in the family is also perfect is solving maths.All the scenes come with an interesting plot.The flavour is comedy.

Children aged between 5-15 are a part of this production.Their tremendous energy and their intelligent grasping is indeed noteworthy aspect.Children enthusiastically have been getting trained and rehearsing 3-4 hours a day. Mr Yuvraj Shah who is supporting this play appreciated the kids.

Cast: Kshitij Kothari, Vidushi Prasad, Pragya Verma, Gautam Deshmukh, Moksha Shah, Kalpita Tavkar, Riana George,Ridhima Pandey, Saachi Pawar, Shreyas, Varun Jagdale, Jiya Shah, Krisha, Devashish Shinde, Simran Pingle, Akshat Kakde, Aadit Tambe, Kavya, Vishwa Rukari. Aashish Tripathi. Divya Bhojwani & Sneha Bhimte.

Supported by: Yuwaraj Shah

Adapted by: Dhanashree Heblikar

Back-Stage:  Aashish, Narendra, Chaitanya, Vikram

Directed by: Abhijeet Choudhary

Date: 16th May, 2013      Time:6.30 pm

Venue: MES Auditorium, Bal Shikshan Campus, Mayur Colony, Opposite P  Jog School,Kothrud Pune.

Cont: 9767178867, 9923643335