FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) In Association with LAV

a side effect of seeing friends and family sitting on beaches or having fun at parties while you are on a computer or mobile .

WhatsAap, facebook, Twitter effect………
Many teens enjoy keeping in touch with their friends on social networking sites like Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, but using such sites to excess can be unhealthy and has even been linked to depression, researchers say ,a report by BBC.
Life can be healthy and can be spent in many productive ways but we are allowing facebook, twitter and whatsaap rule our lives. Our life depends upon how many ‘likes’ our pics receive and our mood depends on that and it slowly governs our  days and ultimately lives.
 Facebook allows to see their friends' successes, as well as the number of friendships those friends have. "It sets up a competitive thing where one might feel less than he/she is because their friends seem to be having a better time than they are.
The idea of envy and jealousy becomes very magnified through this medium."
People who are fit into their routine, give time for physical fitness, involve in social and community work are less addictive and they have the right knowledge of the limits they should be dependant on social networking sites.
Why to waste life immersing our heads in internet for hours together where family time, friend time, festival time are the cultural concepts deep rooted. Why to become lethargic and loose the might of the healthy body given to us?
No doubt that the world is going global and we need such aaps in our day to day life, but let us see to it that they don’t govern our lives

Living upto the meaning of Theatre often termed as ‘Mirror of Society’

Cast: Mahadev Singh Lakhawat, Soham Gadkari, Aashish Tripathi, Anuraag Sharma,Sravani, Ravi Wadhva, Sagar Pandey,Rishabh Mutha, Attul Juware, Ranjeet Kumar, Jitendragiri Goswami, Sravari, Niraj Rai, Vishal Golekar, Neeraj Jujjhar.
Directed: Abhijeet Choudhary                      Supported by: Shri Yuwaraj Shah
Script: Dhanashree Heblikar
Date: 21st Dec, 2013          Time:4.00pm to 6pm 
Venue: Lavasa City, Town Hall and Promenade
+91 9767178857, 9923643335