First Theatre Production at Dasvino Amphitheater,


 'An Evening with Chekhov' 
on 23rd November, 2013

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Lavasa is India's planned hill city, the beauty of nature at Lavasa is beyond any comparison.A city planned with principles of new urbanism, planned for people across socio economic spectrum.Taking getting the vivid culture of Theatre to a place which is enriched with waterfalls, backwaters, lakes, greenary and pure air, scenic beauty of hills is indeed an astounding, remarkable grand episode in History of Lavasa and Swatantra both. 
Swatantra is carrying the responsibility effeciently of creating a strong foundation of Theatre culture at lavasa,headed by Abhijeet Choudhary, Dhanashree Heblikar and Yuwaraj Shah.

Swatantra Theatre is the only Hindi Theatre Group in Pune
Swatantra Theatre is one of the most active and leading Theatre Group's in the city's scenario.Be it Full length plays, Mime Acts, street plays or plays based on social issues, We have been working deligently to present something new with a quality entertainment value to the audience.
When a such a team of dedicated artists take an initiative to establish Theatre at a new place it creates a healthy environment for the art as such.
SWATANTRA THEATRE after performing street plays at Lavasa will now bring its popular Full Length Production, 'An Evening with Chekhov' at the Dasvino Amphitheatre. This will create a history in the field of Theatre. At this Amphitheatre, this will be the first Theatre Performance that will be staged.

Who doesn’t know Anton Chekhov? The Russian writer wrote short stories each with a different depth and different perspective. Inspite of this his lucidity joins all the

 stories with a same thread. Translated into English by American playwright and screenwriter Neiil Simon and amazinglyIndianised to give a rich 

feel of diversified Indian Culture by Abhijeet Choudhary.

 The combination of  short stories  consists various colors of life with a dash of humour. The story depicts the complex facet of the writer in the play .The

 writers conflict at penning down his experiences as short stories; itself is an organic story in the play.All the short stories give out a variety of flavors with sprinkle of 

comedy and a deep sense of emotions which can make one cry and laugh.

 First story tells that "How lower class people in any system of hierarchy feel insecure when they commit ignorable mistake and how it creates comedy.” 

Where the second story titled after “Surgery” tells how an inexperienced compounder tries to convince the patient who is suffering of tooth ache.

If , seducing is a business for somebody than what can happen? Watch an intelligent and handsome lad in “Seduction”

  "Drowned Man", an example of strong acting skill representing the poor class and how are they ready to die for a single penny.

"Arrangement”, is a story of an open minded father who wants to make his son know and experience each and every moment when he turns 18.

And many more comedy of errors…

PS : and if someone doesn’t know Chekhov, than this opportunity to explore this classic is right here.


Founder Director of Swatantra Theatre and Films, Pune. Abhijeet Choudhary has directed Hindi Feature Pune TC which was released in India and has overseas rights taken by Eros International. His film Godse to gandhi was also a great success.Has directed more than 20 Full length plays, 7 mono act plays and more than 50 street plays.

Has been a judge of Mood Indigo- the All India IIT Fest, Horlicks Kidswiz, Pogo Channel Talent Hunt and the India Fest by channel V.Has been judging and conducting Acting Workshops for students of Armed Forces Medical, College, Pune. His written and Directed play 'Mashaal Jalao Diye Se' based on the Delhi sexual assault case has been selected at the Cultural Olympiad at Dubai this year.

Cast : Dhanashree Heblikar,  Mahadev Singh Lakhawat, Prakhar Singh, Amir Ali, Paras Bajaj,  SonalMahajan,  Niraj Rai, Siddarth Sas, Vandita Gandhi, Pawan Kulkarni, Akhtar Imran, Ashish Tripathi,Amitabh Mishra, Soham Gadkari, Sneha Jaydev, Vishal Golekar.

Lights Arrangement: Bikrom Borkakoty

Set Design:  Arun Jagtap

Back Stage:  Anuraag Sharma, Rajviraj Soni, Eijaz Khan, Rohan Pinto, Rishabh Mutha, Atul Pandey,Jitendragiri Goswami, Prashant Singh
Supported By: Yuwaraj Shah

Design and Direction: Abhijeet Choudhary

Date: 23rd November, 2013

Time: 7.00 pm          Duration :2 hr.