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Swatantra Theatre acting Workshop for Kids

 Theatre for DevlopmenT

Its fun time for children……
Its fun through effectively learning,
“How to Act?”
Dear Parents,
 As we know that Theatre has taken the new dimension to impart education. In theatre child can get all kinds of exposure which can hone his/her all personal ability. Through facial dispaly , different caricature they try to live in different characters. In our theatre workshop we groom student through all mode of conventional acting teaching as well as self built method.
Overview of modules
1- Theatrical games
2- Voice Modulation
3- Body Language
4- Acting Skills
5- Imaginative acting
6- Expressions & Emotions
7- Control on mind
8- Improvisation
9- Story telling 


   Children gain confidence which enables them to become fearless and take on everything as and when it happens in their life. Theatre develops  self-confidence in social and educational situations and commanding presence in everyday life. It enhances  capability to express yourself both on stage and in real life by teaching basic, solid acting skills. Through exercises, improvisations, monologues and scene work.

Duration :15 days

Age : 6-15 Yrs.

Batch Date: 7th May ,12             

Venue  : Swatantra Theatre, Shree Mahavir Jain Vidyalaya (Deccan Area)       Time: 5.00 - 7.00 pm

contact: +91 9767178857