1st ‘Yuwaraj of Theatre Award’ to veteran director

    Swatantra Theatre Present's

1st ‘Yuwaraj of Theatre Award’
15th August 2013

Swatantra Theatre will be presenting its  1st ‘Yuwaraj of Theatre Award’ to veteran director Aniruddha Khutwad on the occasion of Swatantra Theatre’s 7th anniversary on 15th of August, 2013 in the hands of Yuwaraj Shah. Aniruddha Khutwad is an NSD passout and has contributed to the field of Theatre and Acting. He has also served as a faculty of Acting in FTII.

Lieutenant General (Retd) D B Shekatkar, PVSM, AVSM, VSM (high military service awards), a distinguished soldier and commander with a vast experience in combating insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir and the Northeast, will also be present as a special guest for this event.

Nebula Group will be designing and supporting us with momento’s. Nebula Group is headed by Mr.Pradeep Patil.

Last year the best actor of the year at Swatantra Theatre was presented to Devesh Chobe.
This year along with felicitating Aniruddha Sir with the title ‘Yuwaraj of Theatre’ we will also be presenting award to six categories for internal Theatre Award for the actors at Swatantra. Names will be declared on the 15th August only. 

1)      Best Actor

2)      Best Method Actor

3)      Best Character Actor

4)      Best improvisational Actor

5)      Best Writer -Actor

6)      Best supporting Actor


Why Yuwaraj?

Yuwaraj means "prince" or "Crown Prince". One who has  practical, patient, scientific nature and is able to concentrate on the finer 
details of a project or undertaking.

Moreover this award is dedicated to Yuwaraj Shah who has been a strong supporter to Swatantra Theatre. His thoughts belong to the progressive sect and he believes that the ultimate aim of Human beings lies in Peace and art and culture play a very important part to enrich country with Peace and bonds of friendship. His role in supporting our innovative idea of establishing Hindi Theatre in Pune is that of a lion’s share.
Mission of Yuwaraj of Theatre Award
To touch everyone’s life through art and acknowledge those who have been doing inspiring and quality work in Theatre
To connect everyone to everyone through the unspoken bond of art
 Aniruddha Khutwad is an alumnus ( 1994 batch) of National School of Drama, New Delhi.
Being a Theatre practitioner, he is working as a visiting faculty in National School of Drama, New Delhi, as well as he has conducted  Theatre Acting Workshops in various states of India, including Ladakh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Assam, Manipur, Karnatak, Tamilnadu, Gujrath, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. He is working as a visiting faculty of Acting Department in Film & Television of India, Pune and as a visiting faculty in the Theatre Departments of various Universities in India.

As a Theatre Director, Aniruddha has directed various plays in Marathi, Hindi  and English languages  with various Theatre Institutions & Theatre Groups across India. 

Some of plays are as like 'Sainya Bhaye Kotwal' (in Hindi, National School Drama, New Delhi. 'Mister Behram' and 'Mahapoor' (in Marathi, Kalakendra, Pune)  'The Good Doctor' ( in English, Central University of Hyderabad), 'Adhantar' (in Hindi, FTII Pune), 'Ilhaam' & 'The Park' (in Hindi, FTII Pune) 'In Min Teen' (in Marathi, Theatre Space, Baramati), 'Kaay Danger Wara Sutlay' (in Marathi, Maharashtra Rangabhoomi, Mumbai)'Kon Mhanato Takka Dila' (in Marathi, Simant, Pune) 'Ek Rikami Baaju' (in Marathi,  Theatrix, Mumbai),'Raigadala Jeva Jaag Yete' & 'Jaag utha hai Ragadh' (in Marathi & Hindi,  ATA Mumbai Univ.) 'Doctor Aap Bhi'(in Hindi, Shri Ram Centre,  New Delhi) 'Jab Shahar Hamara Sota Hai' (in Hindi, Drama dept. Baroda Univ.)'Tu Veda Kumbhar',& 'Adhantar' (in Marathi, Lalit Kala Kendra, Pune University) 'Andher Nagari Chaupat Raja'(in Hindi,  Leh Ladakh) etc.
In the Cinema field Aniruddha has worked as a Casting Director for Hindi and Marathi Cinemas like as 'Haasil', 'Gandhi My Father', 'Najaraana', 'Valu', 'Doha'.
He also worked as a Chief Assistant Director for 'Haasil', 'Valu'.  
His play 'Ek Rikami Baaju' has got seven 'ZEE Gaurav Awards' including  Best Experimental Play & Best Direction, in 2009.
His Professional Play 'Kaay Danger Wara Sutlay' has got 'MIFTA Best Marathi Social Play Award' in 2010. 
He has got Best Direction in Professional Theatre Field Award of Akhil Bharatiya Natya Parishad, Pune for his play 'Kon  Mhanato Takka Dila'.
Many of plays directed by Aniruddha are well acclaimed in Bharat Rang Mahotsav (National School of Drama) New Delhi and many Theatre Festivals in India.
 Aniruddha has got a 'Vinod Doshi Theatre Felloship Award' 2012 and 'Prayogkarmi Purarskar'2011, for his contribution in an Experimental Theatre activity.

In the decades of 80’s a fortnightly newspaper “Feksatta” was a popular reading material among collegiate. Feksatta was filled with meaningful pranks on professors, college’s cultural committees and all that was currently going on in the college world. Late Novelist, singer, composer Mr. P L Deshpande had called upon Yuwaraj Shah to appreciate his sense of humor and quality of writing in the editorial. Having a journalism background he has been writing articles in various media. His article “Konache Jagne Marne Konache” had received the Mumbai Patrakar Sangh Award.
His work towards environment and culture is also outstanding. His social work is also very commendable. He has a creative vision which has transformed rocky hills to a tropical garden filled with greenery. He was also awarded with Pune Harit Puraskar. His concept and execution of rain water harvesting was noteworthy. A core member of ‘Sarhad’- an organization which works for helpless children in border areas of Pakistan, Assam etc. He has diverse creative vision that’s why his contribution in theatre and films are very special.
His written Film Chakkar Chandu Chameli directed by Niranjan Thade as a project Film in FTII received an award.Film Actress Sarika has acted in the film. Late Sanjay ji Surkar was a fast friend of Yuwaraj Shah and this relation brought him closer to the world of acting through different TV serials like Gharkul, Avantika and also having acted in Films like Pune TC, Manya Sajjana etc
Swatantra Theatre working as a Hindi Theatre Group in Pune City, since past 7 years .We called our Theatre Group Swatantra because we believe that any art form is beyond any boundaries and restrictions. ‘Freedom to perform’ is the motto of our Theatre group. Moreover Swatantra founded by Director Abhijeet Choudhary on 15th August in the year 2006,  so keeping in mind our love for the Country and pride as an Indian we named our beloved Theatre as Swatantra Theatre.
 Along with performing professionally we have also contributed our Art socially by conducting Acting workshops for mentally disabled and physically handicapped children in order to open the avenue of world of acting in front of them. Also more than 200 underprivileged students, women were trained by us with a mission  to make them realize their own potential and make them feel empowered through training of 
voice and body.
 15th August,2013, 
9.30am  (After Flag Hosting  )
 Swatantra Theatre, SMJV, Next to BMCC, Pune.
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