हिन्दी नाट्य उत्सव: Dakghar 14th Sept & Komal Gand

 Swatantra Theatre Presents

हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर हिन्दी नाट्य उत्सव



Hindi Divas is celebrated on 14th September every year. Swatantra Theatre will be celebrating its 4th Hindi Theatre Festival on Hindi Divas in association with FTII on 14th and 15th Sept.

Celebration of Hindi Divas to contribute to the cultural heritage of our City and Country at large 14th September, 2014 Dakghar

Dakghar -a Play written by Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore is one of the most simple and elemental play. This is known to be a universal play.

The story revolves around Amal.Amal stands in Madhav's courtyard and talks to passers-by, and asks in particular about the places they go. The construction of a new post office nearby prompts the imaginative Amal to fantasize about receiving a letter from the King or being his postman. The village headman mocks Amal, and pretends the innocent child has received a letter from the king promising that his royal physician will come to attend him. The physician really does come, with a herald to announce the imminent arrival of the king; Amal, however, falls asleep (or dies) as Sudha comes to bring him flowers.

Amal looks at the world through window........

Dakghar was first Performed in London*

W.B. Yeats was the first person to produce an English-language version of the play.It was performed in English for the first time in 1913 by the Irish Theatre in London with Tagore himself in the attendance. The Bengali original was staged in Calcutta in 1917,Rabindranath himself has acted in a vital role in this play. It had a successful run in Germany also with 105 performances.

The lead cast Amal will be played by Aditya Singhal. Aditya is the winner of the reality show on Zee TV, India's best Dramebaaz judged by Anurag Basu, Sonali Bendre, Vivek Oberoi.

Cast: Aditya Singhal as Amal Dhanashree Heblikar as Sudha Ashish Tripathi as Madhavdutta Rajesh Ranganath and Jitendragiri Swami as Pehredar
Durgeshwari Sharma as Rajvaidya
Prakhar Singh as Fakir (This particular role was performed by Rabindranath while in India in 1917)
Sourav as Vaidya
Prashant Singh as Choudhary
Ashutosh Shukla as Dahiwala

15th September, 2014

Komal Gandhar

Gandhari — one of the characters in the epic Mahabharata.

Play that highlights lot many human emotions and politics…

When Duryodhana would ask for her blessing of victory during the Kurukshetra war, Gandhari would only say "may victory find the side of righteousness".

The imagination of this play surely takes into a different world.After Mahabharata it is said that Dwapar Yug came to end.Again the world began in form of Kaliyug -amoeba, apes, and Humans and now we live in such a technology surrounded world.This connection is evoking and interesting to know.We all have heard and known that Gandhari who was married to Dhritrashtra ties her eyes with a band to equate herself with her husband.But this play shows that the reality is just not on the surface.There is so much depth to every question

Why Shakuni interfered in his sisters life?

Why did Duryodhan came to be known as villanious?

Why did Pitamah Bhishma were determined to get the blind Dhritarashtra married?

Gandhari changed it for everyone! She took revenge! She can be termed as the creator of Mahabharata!

A woman completely changed the picture of so called Kuruvansh-known to be having the sparling dynasty at one time.Yes, it was a Woman in the male dominated society of India -Komal Gandhar

This play strongly highlights the cause of downfall of Kauravas with a different point of view altogether. The Bhishma, the Mentor of all the Mahabharatha, never wanted to let the big Dynasty of Hastinapur fall. He wanted a legal heir of Dhritrashtra to handle the Kingdom despite the fact that Duryodhana's cousins Pandavas were much more eligible to handle it. But Bhishma, wanted a proper lineage to follow. He was not willing to hand it over to Dhristra’s cousin Pandavas. To do so, he made the relation with Gandhar King and seeked his daughter as the groom for Dhritrashtra. She was not made aware that her husband was in fact a blind. Having created a utopian picture of her husband in her mind as someone with a broad chest, well built physique and a mesmerizing "Eyes", she departs from Gandhar To Hastinapur.After reaching Hastinapur she becames aware that her utopian picture is nothing but of a blind man, whom she was going to get married. 

Dhanashree Heblikar as Gandhari
Swapnil Gujar as Dhritarashtra
Soham Gadkari as Shakuni
Prakhar Singh as Sanjay
Smitesh Gupte as Bhishma
Prashant Singh as Duryodhan
Aditya Singhal as young Duryodhan
Prithvi Sancheti as Das
Ankita Naravnekar as Dasi

Back Stage:Soham Gadkari, Ankur Turwankar,Shikhar Shrivastav, Prashant Kumar, Aman Shetty


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Supported By Yuwaraj Shah

Music: Dhanashree Heblikar and Chaitanya Shinde

Direction and Design by: Abhijeet Choudhary

Cont: 9767178857