First time P.L. Deshpande's work is being performed in Hindi on the stage by Swatantra Theatre's Child Actors on 18th and 19th jan 2019 in Pune






kuch ‘Vyakti’ kuch ‘Valli’


'kuch Vyakti kuch Valli' is a play based on Maharashtra’s famous personality, Mr P L Deshpande. Mr PL Deshpandes’s works are combined from his famous works like Vyakti ani Valli, Gangot, Batatyachi Chawl, Rasik ho etc.

The play will be performed by children aging from 5-15. Children have embodied character  sketches  so well that it is going to be the best experience to explore P L Deshpande. The play will also shed light on his personal life. It is going to be a treat for eyes to watch kids bring these characters to life. The play is a perfect blend of Pu.La's humorist writing and children's innocence and highly recommend for theatre lovers. 2019 is his 100th anniversary and this is our way to pay this legend a small tribute for his tremendous contribution to Indian literature. 

Who doesn’t know P L Deshpande? He is famous for his humorous writing. He has made laugh the entire Maharashtra. Swatantra Theatre's child actors are set to bring this very Maharashtra's one of the most loved personalities P. L. Deshpande's literary work on stage. It is first time in the that his work is being performed in Hindi on the stage and that too by child actors P L himself and his wife Sunita Tai takes  the audience on their journey. They meet different people, heart touching and warm. These interactions in their life have enriched them to the core. Learning about them has also enriched the tender performers and no doubt it will enrich the audiences too. Bowing down to P L’s extraordinary contribution in Literature, Music, Theatre, Storytelling etc. We feel very proud to present 'kuch Vyakti kuch Valli'



18th January

Stories like Baay, Chiatale Master, Sakharam Gatne, Peston Kaka and Rao Saheb will be performed on the 18th Januray

19th January

Stories like Haritatya, Narayan, Bhraman Mandali, Dinesh will be performed on 19th January

Cast: Jayartha Sengupta, Krrieesh Surekha, Moksha Shah, Simran Pingley, Ojas Gawarkar, Smayan Rana, Prisha Mehta, Ira Gambhir, Shubh Nahata,  Arav Hegde, Nihira Borade, Pranshi Mantri, Svaha Halldorsdottir, Nirvan Halldorsson,Preya Mehta, Somya Choudhary, Ananya Mantri, Vivan Delda


Original Writer- P. L. Deshpande


Hindi Adaptation by: Dhanashree Heblikar


Produced by: Yuwaraj Shah


Directed by: Abhijeet Choudhary


Music: Dhanashree Heblikar and Krushant Doshi


Venue: Pt Jawaharlal Nehru Sanskritik Bhavan, Ghole road, Off JM road


Time: 7.00 pm onwards


tickets available at  and at the venue an hour before the show.


cont- 9767178857, 8329696186


+91-9767178857, 9923643335