Director:Abhijeet Choudhary

    You start with asking Abhijeet"how did you attempt to choose career in this one?"and he replys"Attempts in life can be tragedies or victories depending on how we handle them.Victories dont come without effort."A keen believer in efforts and hardwork he believes that actor in not born but is created.

    A 28 year old graduate from Delhi University,did his Direction and editing course from AAFT(Asian Academy of Film and Television).At the same time he was an actor in Asmita Theatre under the guidence of Arvind Gaur Sir.After attaining experience in theatre he came to Pune and never getting off by the discouragement done to him he fulfilled his dream of establishing Swatantra Theatre in the heart of the city.His exact idea about set design,lights,sets and props makes every production artistic and illuminating.  

   Gung-ho about making a difference to the world one day,through his direction he communicates his ideology.Though his parents are his greatest influence he draws heavily from his personal experiences and thinks that life is the greatest teacher.Musically inclined ,Abhijeet is no doubt a person filled with positive energy and enthusiasm.The way he handles every venture in his life is simply outstanding.He is amongst those seldom people on the earth who are polite in nature and value the thoughts of every other.People know they are different but Abhijeet believes he is different because he is.
Directed Hindi Commercial  film Pune TC , Godse to Gandhi and many more   

Directed more than 40 full length Hindi and English Plays, 8 one-act plays, 10 street plays including swine flu and save tiger. Worked for awareness for Pirated CD’s, DVD’s through street play medium which received tremendous response from leading production houses.

Conducts acting workshop for Cadets and Staged many Play at  National Defence Academy 2008-2010.

Faculty for acting at Balkalyan Sanstha, Pune for the Disabled 2009-10.

Conducts acting training programs for visually impaired students every twice a year.

Trained more than 10000 aspiring actors across india.
Graduate from Delhi University, did Film-making course from AAFT, Delhi.An active member of Delhi Theatre from 2000.

Worked as an editor in Zoom TV and Press Reporter at DD News.

As a Judge

Mood Indigo

AFMC Sillhouttes

IIT Guwahati

IIT Roorkee

IIT Khaagpur

COEP- Pune

Big Bazaar Summer Collection

Horlicks 30 seconds to Fame

Symbiosis Institute for Media and Communication (Fest o comm)

Symbiosis Law College (Symbhav)

ISB &M (Cresendo




De Mont Fort University- London for Conferrance



 Creative-Director:Dhanashree Heblikar

    Dhanashree Heblikar a typical Puneri girl srtikes you as an enigmatic person .With her improved diction and creative way of thinking she stands at a very important place in Swatantra Theatre and Films.She has assisted Abhijeet Choudhary in all the productions at Swatantra Theatre from last 3 years.She has did the adaptation for English play “Am I the Paa” and also for the recent huge responded play "Hamlet in my school".  rewarded for She has helped Abhijeet to translate his film from Telgu to Hindi and has written Marathi dialouges for the same.

   This passionate Theatre artist was only one from  school and college who bagged maximum accolades in the intercshool,district and state level competitions of Elocution and singing.She was awarded  in Maharashtra and National talent search examination also.At N.D.A,Dhanashree performed Desdemona in the play Othello with N.D.A cadets and was specially rewarded for this role in 2009.

    She has recorded her voice for various brands like Balchitrawani,Vividhbharati and also sang traditional powadas for AIR.She has performed as a light music singer in many programmes and was the winner of Sahyadri Antrakshari programme in 2007.Now she is the student of Ustaad Nafeesuddin Dagar.

     At Swatantra Films,Dhanashree is the Casting and Creative Director ,Associate Producer and Head for costumes.She has acted in film-PUNE TC and portrayed a Puneri girl in as bubbly character which will release soon.And now she will come up with her brilliant acting in Swatantra Theatre's upcoming performances-"Char yaaron ki yaar" and "Hardik Abhinandan".

I am thanked to have Dhanashree's creative support in all my productions. - Abhijeet Choudhary-Director Swatantra Theatre

Dhanashree has all exceptional qualities of a true artist indeed with her humility which makes her stand very special. - Dr.Vinay Deep,Associate Cultural head and head-English dept of N.D.A.(MAY 2009)

She is very focussed and hardworking.Her works are inspiring. - Rudradeep Chakrabarty-Theatre Director(APRIL 2009)

Beauty of heart and mind that is Dhanashree. - Raza Murad,Actor(SEP 2009)

Where at such a young age Dhanashree understands the language of art,there I understand she is a Puniete. - Piyush Mishra, Actor, composer(AUGUST-2008)