Jis Lahore Nahi Dekhya was written in the 1980s but today it has become our willing tool to cry out stop- to death, torture, violence, rape visited on any community in the name of religion or race! The story, set in 1947, is about an old Hindu woman in Lahore who, robbed of her son and family as a result of the riots at partition refuses to be robbed of her home by a Muslim refugee family from Lucknow. The Muslim family, having suffered the painful displacement of partition are desperate and not averse to bringing in the local, political goondas. Even as the goondas move in, sensing the advantage of exploiting the situation, they remain blind to the inherent strength of human kindnesses. 
         It is this unexpected human bonding and empathy for our fellow creatures, the ability to see ourselves in others, a brotherhood of inclusion that makes the world such a beautiful place despite repeated attempts at divisiveness by vested interests.
            This play assumes even more importance in the light of the spate of the recent terror attacks globally. It has become even more imperative to drive home the message of tolerance and mutual respect to prevent the birth of future terrorists.



TAJMAHAL KA TENDER- Writer Ajay Shukla

More than two decades back, Ajay Shukla's “TajMahal Ka Tender” has won its writer both the Sahitya Kala Parishad the Mohan Rakesh Samman. Since then, the play has seen countless performances all over. 

Its biting wit throws a powerful punch, and remains, despite the passage of years, both relevant and well-loved.The story of Taj Mahal’s construction, the play begins at the point when Emperor Shah Jahan first decides to build a monument to commemorate his Begum, Mumtaz Mahal. While  it uses a contemporary context, one that’s fraught with corruption, red tape and bureaucratic power play. The play explores the construction in the light of these issues. With every delay and every bribe, the play reminds us of our reality, and even as it uses slapstick comedy and situational comedy to elicit laughs, it doesn’t lose its darker context.



KOMAL GANDHAR- Writer-Shankar Shesh (EPIC)

The imagination of this play surely takes into a different world.After Mahabharata it is said that Dwapar Yug came to end.Again the world began in form of Kaliyug -amoeba, apes, and Humans and now we live in such a technology surrounded world.This connection is evoking and interesting to know.We all have heard and known that Gandhari who was married to Dhritrashtraties her eyes with a band to equate herself with her husband.But this play shows that the reality is just not on the surface.There is so much depth to every question,Why Shakuni interfered in his sisters life?Why did Duryodhan came to be known as villanious?Why did Pitamah Bhishma were determined to get the blind Dhritarashtra married?Gandhari changed it for everyone! She took revenge! She can be termed as the creator of Mahabharata!

                A woman completely changed the picture of so called Kuruvansh-known to be having the sparling dynasty at one time.Yes, it was a Woman in the male dominated society of India  -Komal Gandhar



Based on movie 'West side story' which had bagged the maximum awards in year 1961. The movie was based on a broadway musical which had the Romeo and Juliet as the base. 

The same happens here. Between a rough war between the two gangs stands this beautiful romantic story between Tarana and Abhaas. The play talks over many issues, the communal wars, the rivalry for an identity,crisis and hatred. But in turn very deeply wakes up the emotions to work for Peace and removing the communal hatred. It also very delicately puts the responsibility to shape the younger generation to the most value creating path.


TENALIRAM - Adapted by Dhanashree Heblikar

Hailing from village called Tenali in Andhra Pradesh, Ramaworked at King Krishnadevraya's Court. Krishnadevraya was purely an art lover and a connoisseur. In his regime as it is said, Art and Literature flourished in Andhra.

At a young age Rama lost his father and his mother understood that her son is good for nothing. Happy with his witty nature ; It is believed that Goddess Kali appeared in his dream and blessed him. Thereafter Tenali Rama    gained name and fame transcending borders.

 We at Swatantra have always helped Children to gain insight of Indian Literature through writers and noteworthy personalities.

The play will feature 5 stories right from Tenali's childhood, to his entering the King Krishnadevraya's Court,His wit at solving great problems in the Court and many more. Everyone's favourite 'Brinjal Curry' will also be featured.


MANSAROVAR- Munshi PremChand -Adaptation- Dhanashree Heblikar

Munshi Premchand one of the finest storytellers in Hindi, has been much celebrated in popular culture. Premchand, who is also known as the Shakespeare of Hindi literature. Premchand's literature has very much a feel of being attached to the soil of India. The problems, the depth of emotions is his unique style which is why everyone even today feels related to it. And when such a Literature meets Theatre, wonders happen. Swatantra Theatre's Children actors had been studying the writings. A collage of six stories will be performed in 'Mansarowar'.

Idgah, Mata ka Hriday, Panch-Parmeshwar, Thakur ka Kuwa, Sawa Ser Gehu and Boodhi Kaki 


TAMASHA (Nautanki)

'Tamasha' is folk story embedded in the Nautanki Theatre style. Tamasha is a combination of two stories one of which hails from Rajasthan  and the other also famous by name 'Kanua Nai' or Kanua Barber which is  the folk story from Bihar.The beauty of these stories is that they are simple and one can easily relate to them.Moreover they carry a very strong comic feature. It is the straight mirror of The society in exaggerated form. The stingy King who is not ready to taste the porridge made by his daughter, sends it to the sweets shop to sell,  insnt this a metaphor of extreme behaviour? Realisation of such behaviour always happens but how is how the drama unfolds.Also Kanua Barber- the cunning, the selfish barber butters The King and provokes him against the treasurer. But all his conspiracies fall back on him A completely Hilarious and dynamic play!


ISHAQ PENCHA   (Nautanki) Adaptation by Dhanashree Heblikar

Taming of the Shrew' is Shakespeare's one of the famous work.This form of adaptation is a typical and regional form.Theatrical, expressive and comedy 'Taming of the shrew becomes 'Ishaq Pencha'.


CHILBULE BULBULE   Based on Ruskin Bond’s short stories. Adaptation- Dhanashree Heblikar

Ruskin Bond as we all know is considered to be an icon among Indian writers and children's authors.

In CHULBULE-BULBULE- The Blue Umbrella, The Parrot who wouldn’t talk, Dadaji’s many faces, Bus stops at Pipalnagar,The boy who broke the bank, Here comes Mr. Oliver these simple stories narrating values in life with a dash of comedy are performed. A brilliant roller coaster ride taking us through beautiful human emotions.A blend of classic literature and solid performances. If you haven’t explored Ruskin Bond yet, then the opportunity is right here.

GHARONDA   Writer Shankar Shesh

'Gharonda' an evergreen Feature film known for amazing performances by Amol Palekar and Zarina Wahab wasinitially a Play which was later converted to a Feature Film.The experience of watching 'Gharonda' is exemplary.This play will touch anyone and everyone who has dreamt of having their own house, living their dreams to the truest sense.The emotion of love, sacrifice and the beauty of those small moments is brought on the surface by minimal dialogues.Chhaya a decent girl falls in love with her workmate clerk Sudip.Modi- the elite boss has a soft corner for her because her face matches his dead wife.Sudip and Chhaya save money to buy their own space in the city of Mumbai by eating less, and by making every piece of sacrifice...everytime they fail..the helplesness..the emotional swings..   Modi elder by 20-25 years..proposes Chhaya for marraige,Sudip forces Chhaya to accept...                                                                                                         A Woman, can be so strong, so firm and so soft by heart..Chhaya represents them all.


MASHAL JALAO DIYE SE..  Writer-Abhijeet Choudhary

Play on the Delhi Gang Rape Case on Damini/Nirbhaya called Mashaal Jalao Diye se..a tribute to Damini.which  This play was selected to be performed at Lokmat Women  Summit where eminent  personalities like Kirron Kher(Bollywood Actress) Shobha De(Author) Anu Aga(Chairperson Thermax  Ltd) and was compelled by Tisca Chopra(Tare Zamen par fame)   


CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN- Writer-Dhanashree Heblikar

a treat for parents and kids

Cheaper by the Dozen is a biographical novel  written by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr and Emestine Gilbreth Carey.

Adapted into a Hindi version, the story revolves around a Gujrathi family called Barabhai which resides in Pune.The Barabhai’s are a family of 15 members including 12 children, Mummy, Pappa and their Aunt.

Pappa is a tough man, loves discipline, work and order and believes that his kids will be top most people in the world.The play begins with dash of fun and entertainment which continues till the end.They are a happy family enjoying family time watching movies together, planning picnics and visiting their grandparents.They study together.They dance together.They sing together.The least aged member in the family is also perfect is solving maths.All the scenes come with an interesting plot.The flavour is comedy..

AN EVENING WITH CHEKHOV Adaptation by Neil Simon

Illuminating Feature of the Play
The play is designed to be in complete  black and white feel.Such experimentation might be the first one in Indian Theatre.
The stage set up and light designing is specially designed to give a feel of 60s and 70s in a special way.Costumes have the flavour of interestingly put up into black and white theme.
Though the concept and content is contemporary, the treatment is in the late 60s movie-An  Old movie like way.


It is a combination of 6 short stories which consists various colours of life with a dash of humour. The story depicts the complex facet of the writer in the play .The writer conflict at penning down his experiences as short stories; itself is an organic story in the play.

First story tells that "How lower class people in any system of hierarchy feel insecure when they commit ignorable mistake and how it creates comedy.”
Where the second story titled after “Surgery” tells how an inexperienced compounder tries to convince the patient who is suffering of tooth ache.

"Arrangement”, is a story of an open minded father who wants to make his son know and experience each and every moment when he turns 18.
And many more comedy of errors.


"Accidental Death of an Anarchist," was seen by over half a million people. It has since been performed all over the world and is widely recognised as a classic of modern drama. A sharp and hilarious satire on political corruption, it concerns the case of an anarchist railway worker."  


The play highlights the fact that though the British rule has ended, yet another form of tyranny has begun. For the common man, only the rulers have changed, their exploitation and harassment has not ended. The  play traces the relevance of Bhagat Singh's ideology in present times. In contrast to the non-violence of Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh was for a revolutionary end to the British rule. Though a revolutionary, Bhagat Singh wasn't carried away by his extreme ideas. He was a visionary also.Though he shared the Mahatma's vision of an independent India, thedifferences on the means to attain it always persisted..
*The play raises a question: Is this the India of Bhagat Singh's dreams?.


"Resemblance to any person living or dead is definitely intentional".
This play consists of 4 monologues, played by 4 different women representing the typical relationships that a woman is known through in our society, namely, mother, daughter, sister ,wife etc.They will make you LAUGH …& THINK, like never before.Its NOT just a play about WOMEN , Its also a play about ,father, brother,son ,husband etc.Moreover, Ji, Jaisi Aapki Marzi attempts to give voice to those women who are denied basic facilities like education and kept dependent on others.


Court Martial is a very strong play in Hindi Theatre feild, it deals with the functions of army which are not too familiar to the general public. The play gives an insight into the methods of functioning of an army law court. The theme deals with the rift between the upper and lower castes, which is prevalent in the army too. The message that army should be above social prejudices is conveyed effectively. The 12 member cast comes up with illuminating performances. The stage concept and design is imaginative.

DAYASHANKAR KI DIARY  solo performance

Dayashankar , typical small town man who comes to the city with dreams of getting into films. Instead he lands up on a clerical job and is unable to reconcile with the drab realities of his existence.  Dayashankar is overwhelmed with a sense of rejection and humiliation. In his small dirty room, which he shares with another man, Dayashankar spins a fine cocoon of fantasies to shield himself from the reality. Ultimately he gets entangled and looses control.



The play detects the reasons that incite riots, in a light and entertaining manner. The word 'RIOT' is itself a very shatteringword, on the contrary, the word “MUAVZE” is a very reliving one. The deeper meaning of these 2 wordsand the greed, the profit thatgive foundation to the riots - but blame religion and community,is satirically examined in this play.


The play is a political satire and deals with the consequences in late 70’s.The play depicts that the politicians are blind(or “andhe” what the play particularly titeles)who are trying to figure out the problem a\nd find a solution on it.The problem is the elephant or “haathi” which the blind people fail to find and thus the problem doesn’t come out of a viscous circle.


As we know that because of worst ever flood in Bihar, Million of people got affected, thousands of people lost their life and so many villages submerged.In this situation people were running here and there for help. This isreally shameful to our human community and ignorance of government sinceIndependence, which 60% flood prone area of our country remains under coldstorage. This play tries to draw the attention of masses how Natural as well human calamity multiplies the problemof poverty ridden state Bihar Story unfolds when, even 13 days after Kosi brokethe embankment and changed course,millions of people were still stuck in the floods.this play, one can see how one disaster can fall down all Ideological and religious distance, how people are cooperating to each other to evacuate the Kith and kin.Simultaneously, play tries to raise the hidden and ulterior motive of people who involved in heinous act which is really stigma tohumanity.  Rape, theft and extortion are Also widespread, this is really visible.

ANDHA YUG   solo performance

It is an epical story in the relation to Mahabharta. Through this story actor tries to depict the prevalent diplomacy in the Mahabharta. Focus of the play is on the 18th  or last day of war of Mahabharta.The story of this play is revolving around ASHWATHAMA, who fought their war religiously and in revenge of his father (who had been killed by DHRISTBHUMN, because of half truth statement by YUDHISTHIR) he was suffering in such a mental agony that he unsuccessfully try to kill the lineage of pandava.

AM I THE PAA?   english play

 Khan was disturbed by the fact that his newborn son didn't look anything like him at birth but was hoping that it will change as time goes by. One day, he met for the first time his   neighbour, Peter, who had been living next-door for nearly a year and was giving his wife dancing lessons at his place while he was at work. He couldn't help but notice the uncanny  resemblance  between his "son" and him. Disturbed, he decided to put everything behind hoping that the affair between his wife and the neighbor was over. That until one day he overheard  his  wife on the phone making an appointment with Peter to meet at a restaurant. Khan followed wife and when he entered the restaurant, he found the two of them. What happens then is a twist in the play.


english kids play
This children play designed especially considering some aspects of school life. This is a play where children are staging in the school, some authorities of the school are also participating for this cultural evening. Play intertwines three different layers, situation and problems. It is a fun filled journey with sprinkle of humour.
At the end of the play, Shakespeare proved “Something is rotten in the State of Denmark” and how is it relevant in today’s scenario.


hindi kids play
After cousin's comes home after having a jungle trip with her Forest Officer Grand papa, the Eight quarelling kids dicover a Tiger Cub at their house.Both frightened and confused resolve to take a mission to take Sher Singh back to his house in the Jungle.The story comes to an interesting twist when the kids encounter Samba who kidnaps them to snatch the tiger cub in order to earn profit.Children's struggle to save Sher Singh from their parents brings out hilarious situations each time.It is a journey which kids determine to fulfil though tough times.